Wednesday, 30 October 2013

10 Tips on How to keep make up hygenic and germ free

1)  Wipe make up bags and drawers with antiseptic wipes regularly.

2)  Limit fingers , use brushes, in particular for cream eye shadow in pots and concealers.
Keep fingers away from pressed powders. Oil from your hands can ruin pressed products by changing their texture/effectiveness.

3) Wash make up brushes to remove old make up, oil, dirt and bacteria and thus avoiding breakouts. How often? Try to deep clean (using water wash with baby shampoo/soap/ oil and detergent mix) your most used brushes at least once a week, others can maybe go for 2 weeks. Spot clean (with brush cleaner spray/wet wipe) in the interim (for foundation and eye brushes I clean before each use. For Lip/blush/bronzer less often.)

4) Wash hands before applying make up 

5) Don't add water (this includes spit as well, people) to thin out products or add moisture to dry products 

6) Don't blow the excess off your powder/blush brush  it can breed germs (they migrate from your saliva.) Tap the brush instead. Don't blow across powder make up pans, use cotton wool to clean them up.

7) . Don't use the same concealer to cover spots as well as under eyes- you're just moving bacteria from the spot to your under eye area. I see so many Beauty gurus doing this, but don't. 

8).Try to avoid double dipping or at least limit Double dipping
This is when you dip a make up applicator (be it mascara wand, make up brush or applicator) directly into a product and then onto your skin/eyes, then back to the product as you repeat application. This cross-contaminates the products, your skin and eyes which could lead to infections. General advice is to dip once and use a new applicator each time if more product is required.
For liquid foundations apply an amount onto the back of your hand or onto a palette so you don't end up with too much and waste it, try and siphon it it back into the bottle or double dip.

This is most important for :

Make up artists making over many people with the same make up kit, but is just as important if you are applying make up to friends. There are many disposable mascara wands in many styles and make up applicators available.

When you are ill. It's best to use a cotton swab to apply eye and lip products, and don't double dip. Use a sponge when applying foundation and bin it after each use.  Personally I toss tube lip with doe foot applicators after I've had a cough, cold or flu. If it's really expensive lip gloss cotton swabs are the best way to go.

9) Never pump your wands. This pushes air into the tube which encourages rapid bacteria growth.. Instead  Twist the brush while it’s inside the tube.  Your mascara will last longer, with clump less and have less bacteria.

10). Use Beauty So clean  this is a spray that disinfects make up. Although I haven't used it so I'm not sure if it can aggravate sensitive skins but the make up artist Wayne Goss has recommended it. It is available at  .Guru Make Up Emporium the spray £9.50 48 or from Feel unique wipes for £9.50. Or else Rubbing alcohol.



Sunday, 27 October 2013

Make Up Expiry dates When should you throw out make up?

We check expiry dates on food and bin items are stale, growing mouldy or smell bad. However we are less aware about the bacteria we may be putting on our face.

Despite the name of a certain make up brand- Make up doesn't last forever. Products do deteriorate over time and gather bacteria. This is because once the product is opened it's no longer sterile. Preservatives can break down over time which leads to separation and alterations in texture In the EU products contain a Period After Opening date (PAO) Symbol. This shows an open jar followed by the number of months, and guide us on how long it should be kept after opening.

While some may think the fuss about make up expiry dates are just another way of make up companies to get us to buy more, In fact old products can cause conjunctivitis, styes, rashes- hardly beautiful right? If you do get an eye infection or cold sores stop using all eye/lip products for that period and throw them out.

When do you throw products out? Obviously when smells rancid, if there is any discolouration or separation and if the product is runny or lumpy. As a general guide see the table below.

3 months
Liquid/gel eyeliners
4-6 months
Cream  Eye shadows /Cream Blush
6-12 months
        Oil-free /liquid
6-12 months
18 months *
Lipstick/ Lip gloss
18 months 2 years*
Lip Pencils / Eye pencils
1-2 years *
Eyeshadows /Powder /powder blush
2-3 years
Nail Polish
2  years

* For Lip gloss and concealers with doe end stick/brush attached, either regularly replace or use a brush you will wash after each application instead

*Eye and lip pencils that can be sharpened will harbour less germs than twist up (however for twist up ones I tend to break the end off every few weeks.) Beware of the lids that have a pencil sharpener , make sure than the sharpener lid doesn't become gunked up with produ

Monday, 21 October 2013

Too Faced LashGlasm Mascara review

According to Too Faced,  Lashgasm Mascara....
 " is a voluptuous, fluffing mascara that conditions as it thickens to create dramatically long lashes with intense colour"

£18 Boots ; £16.50 Beauty Bay (mine came as part of Too Faced 2012 holiday set)

LashGlasm Mascara is the first high end mascara I've tried. It is also the first time I've used a plastic bristle brush, and while this does separate your lashes it can still clump sometimes.

The formula is very black and it lengthens as well as thickens. It doesn't flake or smudge and lasts the whole day. However it seems to fade and does not hold an eye lash curl well. I would not pay full price for this mascara, while this just a bit better than average, there are others that work better and are far cheaper.
I would give this 3.5 /5 , good but not perfect. (Perfect meaning the mascara would hold a curl well and was waterproof)  Perhaps if it was at a lower price point 4/5.
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