Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Goodbye 2013...

For 2013 the watchword was Ombre, it seemed people couldn't get enough. From ombre lips, ombre nails and finally the ombre hair/dip dye look. It was also the year of lip crayons and lip stains- from the original Clinque's chubby sticks to Laura Mercier, Stila all the way through to Revlon, Topshop, Rimmel, Model's Own and Boots Seventeen. CC creams took over from where BB creams left off and became just as popular. Fibre lash mascaras also maintained their popularity (a trend I stayed away from since I'm a contact lens wearer.) The long awaited Urban Decay's Naked 3 palette debuted and sold out. And Mac made Rihanna their spokesperson... yet again.

In my opinion the most over hyped products were Rimmel's Apocolips lip gloss (great name shame about the taste - it was like warm cucumber) and ELF's cream blush and bronzer (the bronzer was positively orange.) The most under hyped products were ELF's Long lasting eye colours, Bourjois cream blusher and Zoeva's make up brushes.

For me personally, it was the year I wore more lipstick (instead of gloss) discovered threading and started wearing nail polish again.

That's it folks...Happy new year and welcome 2014!

Friday, 20 December 2013

Disappointing Beauty Products #3: Blusher Edition

MUA cream blush in Dolly Priced £2 (3.2g) from Superdrug
I bought this blusher for the summertime to give a healthy peachy glow to my cheeks.
The packaging is basic but the price reflects this. It's a lovely colour and has a good creamy consistency and is easy to apply with fingers.Unfortunately I have my suspicions that I'm allergic to an ingredient in this (either the Ozokerite  or Paraffinum Liquidum/mineral oil in this) as it stung and tingled unpleasantly when applied. This also occurred in another cream blusher from another drugstore brand and so I've finally narrowed down the culprit.  I can't comment on how this lasts through the day as I couldn't wear it for that long. Generally I love MUA and appreciate the fact they print their ingredients on the packaging-so many companies don't do this which is so annoying. However if you are looking for a cheap cream blush and aren't allergic to these ingredients give this a go.

Benefit Posey Tint (trial size reviewed here 4ml. Normally £24.50 for 12.5ml)
This was a freebie from a magazine (Glamour) and I was eager to try this out.
The trial size bottle looks so cute and has a brush attached to the lid like a nail polish. I found it easier to apply than the body shop lip and cheek stain. It doesn't really taste of anything (which is my book is good I'd rather have no taste than a bad taste) and it smells a little sweet and a little chemically but it's very subtle.Unfortunately this was the wrong colour for my olive skin tone, this would suit blondes with light-medium skin tones. I'm probably suited to the original Benetint, however the mango one sounds interesting. I would recommend you try before you buy and if you are olive skin toned I would give this a miss.

The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Stain in Rose Pink priced £10 (8ml)
I got this free with a another magazine but I wasn't very impressed with it. Despite a cult following I felt that it applied blotchy on cheeks and on the lips it applied and dried very unevenly and blotchy. Perhaps this was due to the new doe foot packaging (though this should give you more control) instead of the old rollerball which others claimed was better.I may have had a slight allergic reaction to it as well since made my lips sting and tingle which I did not enjoy at all. This 'effect' wasn't stated as part of the product, i.e. the deliberate lip swelling tingle which is designed to plump up lips.It's a shame as the taste and flavour of this was nice and I really liked the result it gave my lips, a  'just eaten cherries' colour. This  definitely shows up as a stain but appears very natural and not overdone. However I feel that there are better products out there.

All in all I prefer cream and powder blush to liquid blush which I find easier to apply but perhaps this is due to lack of practice. I think cream blushers look the most natural and I'm still not sure about cheek and lip tints. I've recently bought ELF angled blusher brush which I read is good for applying liquid blushers. I may give Benetint or Daniel Sandlers' Watercolour blush a go, both of which are very popular.

Marks and Spencer's Wanderlust Limited Collection Blusher Review

I saw this on a beauty blog and had to have it. I had to order this online as the ones in store were all spoiled. It's no longer on Marks and Spencers' website but you may be able to find them in store. Currently they have a 3 for 2 on selected items and a 50% off sale on other items. The full price of this blusher  is £6.

I haven't tried any of Marks and Spencers make up before but the packaging on Limited's Wanderlust collection are so pretty.The box is gorgeous and it's a two toned blusher- a pinky-peach background and the darker purple  deer, applied together the blusher is a bright purple pink colour.

 I don't have such a colour in my collection so thought that this would be a good shade to try.
The only problem is each time you use it you erode/smudge the deer picture however it's purpose is to be used as a blusher after all...


Christmas Reads...

Christmas Films....

Christmas Food....

 Christmas Reads

Dickens at Christmas by Charles Dickens- This is an anthology of  Dickens's (Christmas themed) stories. Rather than extracts from books this is Dicken's complete Christmas works in full.
It includes the classic 'A Christmas Carol' as well as lesser well known books (and harder to find stories) The Chimes, The Cricket on the Hearth, The Battle of Life, The Haunted Man and The Ghost's Bargain. Additionally there are eight short stories that were written for periodicals: A Christmas tree, A Christmas dinner, What Christmas is as we grow older, The seven poor travellers, The poor relation's story, The child's story, The schoolboy's story, and Nobody's story. A perfect book for Dicken's lovers.
I heart Christmas by Lindsey Kelk- I love Lindsey Kelk's I heart Series- I like Angela the main character and her best friend Jenny, there's always lots of alcohol and embarrassing escapades involved.

Calling Mrs Christmas by Carole Matthews- Unemployed Cassie has a brain wave of being a Christmas PA, charging for services such as wrapping presents, decorating trees and catering Christmas parties. A rich and handsome client Carter asks her to accompany him and his children on a dream Christmas holiday she had planned for his family...which would mean leaving her partner Jim behind to deal with her fledgling business. Her descriptions of the extravagant  Lapland holiday sound so lovely it makes you yearn to be there yourself. The preface describes Matthew's research for the book included going to Lapland herself and seeing the amazing Northern Lights. The book is also written from Jim's perspective and his job as a prison worker.

Christmas Films

Bridget Jones Diary- From catching Mark Darcy's eye across the New Year turkey buffet to kissing on the snowy London street at Christmas (sans trousers/skirt as you do), Rene Zellweger plays Bridget Jones and all her lovable flaws to perfection. Not to mention you have a choice to drool over Colin Firth or Hugh Grant.

The Holiday- I love the idea of a holiday house swap and this film follows two women at Christmas frustrated with their loves lives, impulsively booking a holiday on a home exchange website. Iris (Kate Winslet) moves into Amanda's L.A. house in sunny California as Amanda (Cameron Diaz) arrives in the snow-covered English countryside. After arriving at their destinations, both women find the last thing either wants or expects: a new romance. Amanda is charmed by Iris' handsome brother Graham (Jude Law) while Iris mends her heart when she meets film composer Miles (Jack Black.) Even though I don't fancy Jack Black or Jude Law (yes I know I'm weird) this is a sweet film which I love.
Singin' In The Rain- While not actually set at Christmas this film is often broadcast around Christmas time. A Gene Kelly classic, this musical is slick, funny and fun to watch. I actually prefer the Make Them Laugh scene with the dancing and somersaults than the famous Singin' In The Rain Scene. Altogether a wonderful feel good movie.

Christmas Food...

Baci- These taste like Ferrero Rocher chocolates they contain nuts) but they come with little quotes and advice like a Chinese Fortune cookie. They are available in selected delis and also small packs at Cafe Nero.
Panettone- I don't like traditional English Christmas pudding and prefer instead Italian panettone with custard.
And Finally Christmas Wishes...

I have my eye on this 'book bag.'
 The 'Arabian Nights book purse' from NovelCreations Etsy It's handmade from a leather edition of Arabian Nights with a choice about the type of handle (clutch/messenger on as pictured.) It costs about £36.33

The other item on my wish list is the long awaited Urban Decay's Naked 3 Palette £37 available at House of Fraser and Debenhams

Monday, 2 December 2013

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation Review

"16 hours radiance-boosting, even revived complexion. Vitamin rich fruit therapy. Instant anti-fatigue. Undectable coverage.  This gel formula foundation with a treatment serum contains 3 super-fruits: lychee, goji and pomegranate. The vitamin and anti-oxidising super-fruits erase signs of fatigue, even out the complexion and revive its radiance: +69% more radiance after 4 weeks of use! Its instant melting effect and semi-matt finish blend in with the skin colouring, even skin tone naturally and erase blemishes.Hypoallergenic, non-occlusive, it respects the skin’s balance"

Product- 30ml/ 1 fl.oz No. 53 Beige Clair/Light Beige £10.99 (6 shades)

This foundation, if not all of Bourjois foundations lean towards the yellow tones, although it would be nice to see more than 6 shades available (the healthy mix foundation is 8 shades.)
It is also lightly perfumed and smells sweet although it is very subtle, I have asthma and am very sensitive to perfumed products especially on my face but this was fine.

Packaging- This should have a red cap but unfortunately I lost it. Generally I think having a red cap stands out (I think it's supposed to match the berries pictured on the front) and I think the bottle is heavy duty plastic, it's transparent so that you can see the colour of the foundation you're buying. The best thing is that it has a pump which gives as much or as little as you need and so is more hygienic.

Performance- This liquid foundation gives light coverage and dries to a semi-matte finish. It looks a little dewy. The 'gel foundation' feels smoother and silkier on hands than Bourjois 10 hours sleep effect foundation but it is not watery. Its fairly lightweight on the skin.It covers red areas and small blemishes but I'm not sure that it would cover acne or acne scarring.
As well as being hypo allergic this foundation seems to be non-comedogenic (does not seem to block  pores) although it is not labelled as such. I feel confident putting this on and around my nose which tends to attract spots and gets congested and it's fine, it never makes spots worst or create new ones, no breakouts. It lasts about 8 or so hours on my skin without powder.

However I'm not sold on the 16 hours radiance boosting or the 69% more radiance in four weeks- where did they come up with these numbers? Perhaps they did carry out tests, but I did not see any radiance on my skin or feel any benefits from the vitamins and the lychee, goji and pomegranate. However I guess it's nice to know that it contains these healthy ingredients which you're putting on your skin.

I've used this for at least two summers (I've gone through two bottles) and have realised that this doesn't match my skin colour! It's more orange and darker than my skin, I guess this might be okay if I wore fake tan and it would match but I don't. The colour makes the foundation really obvious and fake, but perhaps if it was the right colour it wouldn't. It also often cakes and clings around dry areas like around the nose, so a primer would be good. (I used E45 a nourishing moisturiser but this wasn't enough.) I mainly apply this with my hands.

I've decided to use this up by wearing it for evenings when the colour is not so obvious. I love the fact that it never blocks my pores. However I won't be repurchasing this as I feel there are better foundations out there. Also I've realised that you can use a cream foundation throughout the year changing the coverage by how you apply it e.g. with a damp sponge or brush.

This foundation is good for those with yellow skin tones with combination/normal skin seeking out a drugstore/high street foundation and want a light coverage. If the right colour is chosen it can be good for summer months when you want a lighter foundation.

This is not for you if you have bad acne/acne scarring or want a heavier coverage. If you have dry skin I recommend a primer before hand as well as a very good moisturiser. If you have oily skin this may not last the whole day without powder and you may suit a different foundation.

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Disappointing Beauty Products #2

Boots 17 Wild Metallic Cream Eye Shadow in Wild Nude £3.99 Boots
While I like 17's powder eye shadows this cream eye shadow doesn't make the cut. It's another example of a high street/drugstore brand manufacturing a cream eye shadow and failing (in my opinion the only high street brand that succeeded is Maybelline with their colour tattoos.)
It is is a good neutral colour. It is also dermatologically tested, fragrance free and cheap. The jar is a clear plastic rather than the MAC and Maybelline glass cream eye shadow pots, making it lighter and ideal for travel. Yet unfortunately all this cannot make up for the fact that it creases incredibly badly and wears off quickly.

Bourjois Effect 3D Lip Gloss in 01 Beige Elastic £5.99
I was on the hunt for a nude lip gloss and picked this up. I really like this formula, mainly for the taste (like sweets no vanilla thank goodness) although it is a little sticky. Unfortunately this look wasn't what I was aiming for, on the lips the colour was too silver and frosted for me.

Ecotools Bamboo Blush Brush £7.99
This will be a controversial opinion as I know Ecotools gets a lot of love for being cruelty free, vegan and affordable. However I found this brush too prickly against my skin. I also prefer the 'old style' blusher brushes where you swirl them around on the face.

Dr Organic Pomegranate Lip Balm currently £3.25 Holland and Barratt

This is moisturising but I hate the smell, it is a heavily perfumed rose meets cheap children's make up sort of smell. Dr Organic is a brand that's had good reviews and I still want to try their other lip balms and other products from this brand.

Monday, 25 November 2013


 I have Urban Decay's Naked palette, but I decided not to buy Urban Decay's Naked 2 palette because the colours looked cooler (I prefer warm toned palettes) and I don't really gravitate towards taupe colours. This is an inexpensive Naked 2 palette dupe to experiment with. As don't have Urban Decay's Naked 2 palette I can't compare the two palettes side by side.

I can compare Urban Decay's Tease from the Naked 2 palette to MUA Lavish, both are cool brown-taupe- perfect for a cheek contour powder as the colour mimics a shadow. They look exactly the same in the pan but UD Tease does look a bit browner and warmer. UD Tease has more pigment which produces a stronger swatch and ultimately lasts longer on the skin. For this reason I use UD Tease for my face contour.

Top row (l-r) Naked, Devotion,Shy, Fiery, Lavish, Dreamy
 Bottom row; (l-r) Tranquil, Exposed, Reveal,Wink, Obsessed, Corrupt
Unfortunately the first shadow Naked does not show up on my olive skin, you can see a faint barely there swatch.There are three matte shades Naked (Cream colour), Lavish (Taupe) and Corrupt (Black.) Naked and Lavish apply a little chalky. Corrupt is very pigmented black.The colours Shy (satin white) Dreamy (mid toned copper like a dark 2p coin)  Obsessed (chocolate) appear matte here but they're actually satin finishes. The satin shades apply more smoothly. My favourite is the silver taupe Exposed since I don't have this colour in my collection.Compared to Urban decay shadows these don't last as long but this is easily solved through using eye primer. Some many want more matte shades or more greys but as this is a dupe of UD's Naked 2 palette that factor determined the shade finishes and colours in the palette. All in all a good neutral colour selection for both smokey and natural looks.
Longevity: Not as long lasting, may need eye primer.
Packaging:  Basic looking. This one is white so shows any fallout/mess more easily than MUA's previous black packaged palettes. Contains a mini tutorial for one look on the reverse side.
Price: 12 shadows (9.6g)  for £4 available at superdrug (currently on 3 for 2 offer online) and MUA

Verdict- At this price this is a steal: high quality shadows for a bargain £4. A wonderful neutral palette that is versatile for creating smokey and natural looks. I love neutral eye shadows and feel that even if you generally use warm toned palettes these aren't so cool that they won't suit or work with warmer skin tones.

You might like this if...
  • You love cool toned neutrals
  • You are on a budget
  • If you want a travel friendly naked 2 palette
You might not like this if..
  • You only like warm toned colours
  • You are expecting more greys
  • If you are used to luxury brands and have very high expectations of matte eye shadows
  • You want to use an eye shadow shade (i.e. Lavish) as a face contour colour 
  • You are olive skinned or darker.

Friday, 22 November 2013

Nail Of The Week and Review : Revlon Wildflower 3D Jewel appliques

I decided to wear these Revlon nail wraps for a birthday night out and received lots of compliments. These are from Revlon's Wildflower 3D Jewel appliques collection in 08 Python & Petal. Revlon currently has the Marchesa collection out but these Wildflower ones can still can be found in some Superdrug stores.

The fact they are 3D (raised pattern with random silver jewels on the wraps) means that creases aren't as noticeable and the pattern is very forgiving, hiding any mistakes. They were easy to apply and fairly quick (10-15 minutes for a newbie at nail wraps.) They included a file (good quality) and a cuticle stick which rival L'Oreal Nail wraps don't provide. There are 18 individual nail wraps which cater for many different nail sizes and any replacements if needed.
These lasted 5 days (where I acted just as I would without having done my nails such as opening many objects with my nails although I did remember to put on gloves while washing up.) I had low expectations having tried the Nail Rock ones years ago which were horrible and thick and caught on everything. These are thinner and bond much better to the nail. I did use nail polish remover beforehand which probably helped the longevity of the wear.

I would definitely recommend these: the pattern is unique, the 3D hides any mistakes and they are so easy to apply. They are £8.99. I can't wait to try the Revlon Marchesa collection in gilded Mosaic next See Here !

Friday, 8 November 2013



1) Elizabeth Arden is actually Florence Nightingale Graham, who dropped out of nursing school before making her own line of beauty products. In similar fashion, Helena Rubenstein dropped out of medical school then started her beauty brand.

2) Dark reddish brown lipsticks are often named after dark emotions, urban places or intense forms of music. Purple lipsticks are often named after mystery, distance and things that are difficult to see/understand e.g. Chanel 'Phantom.' While dark purple often involves a name that is sexually mysterious e.g. Vamp or Siren.

3) The Queen (Elizabeth II) had a special lipstick made for her coronation in 1952, it was red-blue and called 'The Balmoral' after her Scottish home.

4) Coco Chanel believed the number 5, was lucky. After launching the famous Chanel fragrance no 5 on the 5th of the 5th month (May) in 1921, she launched her No.5 lipstick in 1929. This time she wasn't so lucky, the stock market crashed. However good fortune won out in the end as it has been one of the highest selling lipstick for nearly 70 years.

5) Make Up Brands feel that even the sound of the click when closing a lipstick is extremely important. In 1995 Harper's Bazzar article documented the search for the perfect click. Guelain tested 10-20 lipsticks and decided on a soft metallic sound. Givenchy's Oliver Echaudemaison describe the brand's click as 'a heavy click more metallic than plastic.' Guerlain's creative director Anton-Phillip Hunger explains 'We didn't want our lipstick to click so loudly that it would draw attention to a woman who's retouching in pubic.'

6) Urban Decay made a lipstick called 'The Wedding Singer' for Drew Barrymore to wear in the film of the same name. American brand Lorac made 'Long Kiss' lipstick for Geena Davis in the film 'The Long Kiss Goodnight.'

7) During a meeting at Benefit Cosmetics, the agenda was naming a lipstick, someone jokingly came up with 'Ms Under Stud.' They left the room and the consensus was to change the name to 'Misunderstood' in case it was deemed offensive. However this absent staff member wasn't clued in, resulting in a shipment to a Chicago store of 'Ms Under Stud.' The lipstick was a best seller and the buyer reordered 5,000 more. When Benefit informed them of the proper name the buyer no longer wanted to place the order.

Source :Lipstick a Celebration of a girl's best friend by Jessica Pallingston

Friday, 1 November 2013

Bobbi Brown Oil Free Even Finish Compact Foundation Review

Bobbi Brown claims "this foundation never looks fake or makeup-y, just like smooth, even skin. With 12 hours of flawless, oil-free wear, all you see is your skin-at its best."

It has won awards for
  • Best Base for Black and Asian Skin, Sunday Times Style Beauty Awards 2013.
  • Best Foundation Range, The Guardian Best Beauty Buys 2013.

 Packaging- This is the first compact I've had and it does make me feel like a lady.
                   It's sleek and shiny with a mirror and sponge to apply it with.
                    It contains 9 g. although the website shows the new compact is now 8g.

Cream compact in Warm Sand 2.5. Price £32 (available in 19 shades)

I chose Bobbi Brown because the range of foundations are yellow toned and I have a warm olive skin tone. At first I tried the moisturising foundation (I was persuaded by a Bobbi Brown make up artist with dry winter skin) this broke me out around my nose so I bought this oil free compact instead and had more success with it. However I do try and avoid putting this around my nose.

This is the first cream foundation I've used and it took a little time getting used to it. At first I applied it using the sponge provided but I found that this wasted a lot of product on the sponge and tended to look thick and cakey. Then I used a damp Real Techniques brush and this thinned the application producing a light-medium coverage. For light coverage I painted my face in downward motion and for more coverage I buffed it onto my skin. This covered red areas on my cheeks and around my mouth if I buffed the foundation and it can cover spots.
Basically coverage is buildable from light to heavy and dries to a matte finish. It does give smooth appearance covers ay bumps and doesn't cake (unless you are using the sponge provided which I recommend that you don't)  or cling to dry areas (I use a moisturiser before using.) I have sensitive skin but this hasn't caused any irritations or breakouts.
This foundation lasts about 12 hours or 8 hours without powder. I haven't got into the habit of powdering yet but I would recommend that if you are particularly oily, I would suggest powdering your T-zone.

This is a versatile foundation where you can decide how much coverage you need. It's a good everyday foundation.
This compact has lasted me at least 6 months wearing once to three times a week however for a friend who used it with the sponge provided and wore every day, it lasted a month.
I love the versatility of this foundation and will definitely re-purchase. I would recommend this foundation as a great all rounder.

You might like this if....
  • You have yellow tones in your skin-tone
  • Like the idea of a versatile foundation

You might not like this if...
  •  You are on a budget and want full coverage everyday.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

10 Tips on How to keep make up hygenic and germ free

1)  Wipe make up bags and drawers with antiseptic wipes regularly.

2)  Limit fingers , use brushes, in particular for cream eye shadow in pots and concealers.
Keep fingers away from pressed powders. Oil from your hands can ruin pressed products by changing their texture/effectiveness.

3) Wash make up brushes to remove old make up, oil, dirt and bacteria and thus avoiding breakouts. How often? Try to deep clean (using water wash with baby shampoo/soap/ oil and detergent mix) your most used brushes at least once a week, others can maybe go for 2 weeks. Spot clean (with brush cleaner spray/wet wipe) in the interim (for foundation and eye brushes I clean before each use. For Lip/blush/bronzer less often.)

4) Wash hands before applying make up 

5) Don't add water (this includes spit as well, people) to thin out products or add moisture to dry products 

6) Don't blow the excess off your powder/blush brush  it can breed germs (they migrate from your saliva.) Tap the brush instead. Don't blow across powder make up pans, use cotton wool to clean them up.

7) . Don't use the same concealer to cover spots as well as under eyes- you're just moving bacteria from the spot to your under eye area. I see so many Beauty gurus doing this, but don't. 

8).Try to avoid double dipping or at least limit Double dipping
This is when you dip a make up applicator (be it mascara wand, make up brush or applicator) directly into a product and then onto your skin/eyes, then back to the product as you repeat application. This cross-contaminates the products, your skin and eyes which could lead to infections. General advice is to dip once and use a new applicator each time if more product is required.
For liquid foundations apply an amount onto the back of your hand or onto a palette so you don't end up with too much and waste it, try and siphon it it back into the bottle or double dip.

This is most important for :

Make up artists making over many people with the same make up kit, but is just as important if you are applying make up to friends. There are many disposable mascara wands in many styles and make up applicators available.

When you are ill. It's best to use a cotton swab to apply eye and lip products, and don't double dip. Use a sponge when applying foundation and bin it after each use.  Personally I toss tube lip with doe foot applicators after I've had a cough, cold or flu. If it's really expensive lip gloss cotton swabs are the best way to go.

9) Never pump your wands. This pushes air into the tube which encourages rapid bacteria growth.. Instead  Twist the brush while it’s inside the tube.  Your mascara will last longer, with clump less and have less bacteria.

10). Use Beauty So clean  this is a spray that disinfects make up. Although I haven't used it so I'm not sure if it can aggravate sensitive skins but the make up artist Wayne Goss has recommended it. It is available at  .Guru Make Up Emporium the spray £9.50 48 or from Feel unique wipes for £9.50. Or else Rubbing alcohol.



Monday, 21 October 2013

Too Faced LashGlasm Mascara review

According to Too Faced,  Lashgasm Mascara....
 " is a voluptuous, fluffing mascara that conditions as it thickens to create dramatically long lashes with intense colour"

£18 Boots ; £16.50 Beauty Bay (mine came as part of Too Faced 2012 holiday set)

LashGlasm Mascara is the first high end mascara I've tried. It is also the first time I've used a plastic bristle brush, and while this does separate your lashes it can still clump sometimes.

The formula is very black and it lengthens as well as thickens. It doesn't flake or smudge and lasts the whole day. However it seems to fade and does not hold an eye lash curl well. I would not pay full price for this mascara, while this just a bit better than average, there are others that work better and are far cheaper.
I would give this 3.5 /5 , good but not perfect. (Perfect meaning the mascara would hold a curl well and was waterproof)  Perhaps if it was at a lower price point 4/5.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

My Current Holy Grail Mascaras...

Bourjois Volume Glamour Mascara- My long standing love.

This gives lots of volume, thickens lashes and never flakes. It's water resistant too as I have cried many times over the years and my mascara has been left untouched. However if you shower or swim it will leave black tracks/raccon eyes. The wand has a big bristle brush and bristles are tightly packed which means that it will pull the lashes together making lashes look heavier and fuller. However because of this type of brush it does tend to clumpso have a eyelash comb/spoolie on hand. It is quite a wet mascara but I haven't found this a problem.
It''s also cheaper than other drugstore mascaras.
(£7.99 Boots, Superdrug)



 No. 7 Intense Volume Waterproof Mascara - Despite the name it seems to add length rather than volume. I add this to the ends of my eyelashes, you can see the fibres just attach to the end of each lash making them longer as you use it.
The bristle brush tapers to a point and the bristles are further apart so that you can separate and define each lash. Unfortunately I haven't found this to be waterproof or water resistant but it does hold and keep the eyelash curled (£12 Boots)
(No.7's 360 degree mascara was perfect it gave volume and length and was very water resistant you'd cry and then never know the difference. Boots no.7 discontinued this why, oh why?)


....and my secret weapon

Cosmopolitan Eyelash Curlers- This is great for curling lashes.
I use this heated with a hairdryer to give a more dramatic effect. Have used mine for the past 5 years.
The white grips on the handles makes this sturdier, it has good spring action and comes with two replacement pads as well.
Plus it's also cheap £4.19 from Superdrug only a few pence more than E.L.F and cheaper than the boots one I tried.

Sunday, 20 January 2013


This wonderful Tag was created by Sabine from Bini Blogs Beauty. I also saw this tag on Anita's blog love vulcanella. I thought it was quite funny just reminiscing  about my tweens and teen period!

1) First time I wore make up?
Was about age 11 when I was a bridesmaid at a family wedding. My mum took me to Clinque's beauty counter and they suggested products for both of us. Normally I would wear clear lip gloss and nail varnish.

2) First make up item bought/given
Mascara from Collection 2000 free with a magazine like Bliss
or a lip gloss from boots Natural collection.

3) First High End make up item
Bought- Clinque liquid foundation probably the super balanced one.
Given- Clinque gold eyeshadow and Clinque long lasting lipstick in
Applesauce (peach lipstick)

4) First going out look
Collection 2000/17 iridescent white and blue eyeshadow or silver eyeshadow, black mascara and pink lip gloss. I also would put on 17 UV nail polish which never seemed to work under laser lights

5) Make up faux pas
White eyeshadow, turquoise mascara and unplucked brows

6) First favourite beauty brands...
Boots 17, Boots Natural Collection, Rimmel, Collection 2000 and Barry M

7) as opposed to favourite make up brands now?
Bobbi Brown, Too Faced, Boots No.7, Sleek and MUA

8) First perfume
Miss Dior sample from a department store

9) First beauty obsession
Lip gloss

10) First favourite hair and body products
Hair: Timotei shampoo,
Body: Impulse body spray, the fruity, fresh smelling one in a green aerosol.
Also Natural Collection  cucumber facial spray

11) First nail polish
Silver glitter nail varnish, can't remember which brand.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Disappointing Beauty Products #1

Fortunately I often research products before I buy products so there aren't many things I've bought and later regretted. The ones I do, tend to be impulse buys and were fairly cheap mistakes.

Stila It Gloss Shimmer In 'Amazing' (now discontinued )

This was such lovely colour, it appears bronze in the tube but in application it is sheerer, shimmery gold-beige nude: a perfect nude lip gloss. However the vanilla smell it had was really overpowering. I hate vanilla flavoured and smelling lip gloss so I couldn't stand wearing this.It is moisturising and long lasting though. This retailed at approximately  £9-13 but I bought it at .TK Maxx with the 3 for £8 offer.

Stila Long Wear Lipcolour in Treasure ( £13,)

I really wanted to love this product. I bought it in Treasure which is a bronze colour with a metallic sheen, I loved the colour it was really unique. However each time I put it on, my lips felt really dry. I might have had a mild allergic reaction against it since my lips felt tingly and the underside of my lip felt a bit swollen. I haven't worn this for longer than 5-10 minutes so I don't know if it's long lasting. But from others I  have heard that they didn't find it long lasting.

ELF Mini Eyelash Curlers (£3.75)
I bought this after watching the make up artist Robert Jones and The Make Up Chair's Sineady Cady, who used them to curl the inner and outer eyelashes that can get left out when using regular eyelash curlers especially if your eye shape doesn't fit the curler. I found they made very little difference, either perhaps because I have a fantastic eye lash curler (from Cosmopolitan, Superdrug) or my eye shape is quite regular. I felt this was more of a gimmick than an essential product. Perhaps the ones from Robert Jones' would work better as they are more expensive and better quality, I have not tried his.

MEMEME Dew Pot in Woodland Truffle 1 (£7.25)
I have become obsessed with cream eye shadows and when I saw swatches of this it looked gorgeous, a kind of a colour unique and was reasonably priced for a cream eyeshadow. However despite appearing in a recent Pixiwoo tutorial I find that the colour fades and disappears quickly and all that remains is just silver glitter. If I wanted silver glitter I would have bought another product such as Barry M's glitter dust. Very disappointing.

Miss Sporty eyeshadow Duo (£1.99 blue and yellow discontinued)
I can't remember the exact name of this duo and it's now discontinued- a decision I heartily agree with. I bought this to create a bright vibrant yellow and blue eyes summer look. However the colours were chalky and dull. Yes Miss Sporty is a cheap brand and this was less than £2, so what did I expect? However their quad for smokey brown eyes has great pigmentation and staying power was longer than most eye shadows I've tried and that's even without an eye primer underneath.

Max Factor Miracle Touch Creamy Blush in 07 Soft Candy (£6.99 ) 
This gives a beautiful healthy peachy blush ideal for summer or winter. It looks loud and scary in the pan but since it's a cream it produces a natural finish on the cheeks. I love this colour but it did sting when I put it on my cheeks. This hasn't happened before with other cream blush products. It may be that I am in the minority that is sensitive to it, but for now I'm only keeping it so I can match and find a dupe.

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