Tuesday, 22 January 2013

My Current Holy Grail Mascaras...

Bourjois Volume Glamour Mascara- My long standing love.

This gives lots of volume, thickens lashes and never flakes. It's water resistant too as I have cried many times over the years and my mascara has been left untouched. However if you shower or swim it will leave black tracks/raccon eyes. The wand has a big bristle brush and bristles are tightly packed which means that it will pull the lashes together making lashes look heavier and fuller. However because of this type of brush it does tend to clumpso have a eyelash comb/spoolie on hand. It is quite a wet mascara but I haven't found this a problem.
It''s also cheaper than other drugstore mascaras.
(£7.99 Boots, Superdrug)



 No. 7 Intense Volume Waterproof Mascara - Despite the name it seems to add length rather than volume. I add this to the ends of my eyelashes, you can see the fibres just attach to the end of each lash making them longer as you use it.
The bristle brush tapers to a point and the bristles are further apart so that you can separate and define each lash. Unfortunately I haven't found this to be waterproof or water resistant but it does hold and keep the eyelash curled (£12 Boots)
(No.7's 360 degree mascara was perfect it gave volume and length and was very water resistant you'd cry and then never know the difference. Boots no.7 discontinued this why, oh why?)


....and my secret weapon

Cosmopolitan Eyelash Curlers- This is great for curling lashes.
I use this heated with a hairdryer to give a more dramatic effect. Have used mine for the past 5 years.
The white grips on the handles makes this sturdier, it has good spring action and comes with two replacement pads as well.
Plus it's also cheap £4.19 from Superdrug only a few pence more than E.L.F and cheaper than the boots one I tried.

Sunday, 20 January 2013


This wonderful Tag was created by Sabine from Bini Blogs Beauty. I also saw this tag on Anita's blog love vulcanella. I thought it was quite funny just reminiscing  about my tweens and teen period!

1) First time I wore make up?
Was about age 11 when I was a bridesmaid at a family wedding. My mum took me to Clinque's beauty counter and they suggested products for both of us. Normally I would wear clear lip gloss and nail varnish.

2) First make up item bought/given
Mascara from Collection 2000 free with a magazine like Bliss
or a lip gloss from boots Natural collection.

3) First High End make up item
Bought- Clinque liquid foundation probably the super balanced one.
Given- Clinque gold eyeshadow and Clinque long lasting lipstick in
Applesauce (peach lipstick)

4) First going out look
Collection 2000/17 iridescent white and blue eyeshadow or silver eyeshadow, black mascara and pink lip gloss. I also would put on 17 UV nail polish which never seemed to work under laser lights

5) Make up faux pas
White eyeshadow, turquoise mascara and unplucked brows

6) First favourite beauty brands...
Boots 17, Boots Natural Collection, Rimmel, Collection 2000 and Barry M

7) as opposed to favourite make up brands now?
Bobbi Brown, Too Faced, Boots No.7, Sleek and MUA

8) First perfume
Miss Dior sample from a department store

9) First beauty obsession
Lip gloss

10) First favourite hair and body products
Hair: Timotei shampoo,
Body: Impulse body spray, the fruity, fresh smelling one in a green aerosol.
Also Natural Collection  cucumber facial spray

11) First nail polish
Silver glitter nail varnish, can't remember which brand.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Disappointing Beauty Products #1

Fortunately I often research products before I buy products so there aren't many things I've bought and later regretted. The ones I do, tend to be impulse buys and were fairly cheap mistakes.

Stila It Gloss Shimmer In 'Amazing' (now discontinued )

This was such lovely colour, it appears bronze in the tube but in application it is sheerer, shimmery gold-beige nude: a perfect nude lip gloss. However the vanilla smell it had was really overpowering. I hate vanilla flavoured and smelling lip gloss so I couldn't stand wearing this.It is moisturising and long lasting though. This retailed at approximately  £9-13 but I bought it at .TK Maxx with the 3 for £8 offer.

Stila Long Wear Lipcolour in Treasure ( £13,)

I really wanted to love this product. I bought it in Treasure which is a bronze colour with a metallic sheen, I loved the colour it was really unique. However each time I put it on, my lips felt really dry. I might have had a mild allergic reaction against it since my lips felt tingly and the underside of my lip felt a bit swollen. I haven't worn this for longer than 5-10 minutes so I don't know if it's long lasting. But from others I  have heard that they didn't find it long lasting.

ELF Mini Eyelash Curlers (£3.75)
I bought this after watching the make up artist Robert Jones and The Make Up Chair's Sineady Cady, who used them to curl the inner and outer eyelashes that can get left out when using regular eyelash curlers especially if your eye shape doesn't fit the curler. I found they made very little difference, either perhaps because I have a fantastic eye lash curler (from Cosmopolitan, Superdrug) or my eye shape is quite regular. I felt this was more of a gimmick than an essential product. Perhaps the ones from Robert Jones' would work better as they are more expensive and better quality, I have not tried his.

MEMEME Dew Pot in Woodland Truffle 1 (£7.25)
I have become obsessed with cream eye shadows and when I saw swatches of this it looked gorgeous, a kind of a colour unique and was reasonably priced for a cream eyeshadow. However despite appearing in a recent Pixiwoo tutorial I find that the colour fades and disappears quickly and all that remains is just silver glitter. If I wanted silver glitter I would have bought another product such as Barry M's glitter dust. Very disappointing.

Miss Sporty eyeshadow Duo (£1.99 blue and yellow discontinued)
I can't remember the exact name of this duo and it's now discontinued- a decision I heartily agree with. I bought this to create a bright vibrant yellow and blue eyes summer look. However the colours were chalky and dull. Yes Miss Sporty is a cheap brand and this was less than £2, so what did I expect? However their quad for smokey brown eyes has great pigmentation and staying power was longer than most eye shadows I've tried and that's even without an eye primer underneath.

Max Factor Miracle Touch Creamy Blush in 07 Soft Candy (£6.99 ) 
This gives a beautiful healthy peachy blush ideal for summer or winter. It looks loud and scary in the pan but since it's a cream it produces a natural finish on the cheeks. I love this colour but it did sting when I put it on my cheeks. This hasn't happened before with other cream blush products. It may be that I am in the minority that is sensitive to it, but for now I'm only keeping it so I can match and find a dupe.

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