Friday, 27 June 2014

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lip Colour Review

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lip Colours are a cheaper alternative to YSL's  kiss and blush.
Bourjois state that they are of 'light texture, extreme comfort, (with) 24 hour hold.' Continuing the liquid lipstick matte trend Boujois have launched their version in bright colours for the summer season.

I bought a blue based pink ole' flamingo 05, the perfect name for this colour!
The packaging looks very sleek and compact (3 inches long/ 7.5cm) with 6.7ml of product. The formula is thicker and creamier than other liquid lipsticks. The wand is shorter than average with a soft but thicker doe foot applicator which feels like velvet...excuse the pun.  For precision It's worth drawing the outline with a thin lip brush especially as it's so bright.

The formula takes awhile to dry compared to other mattes lip colour such as MUA Luxe, it took about 5-7  minutes to dry The smell is ever so slightly like a cardboard car air fresher but doesn't really taste of anything. This is comfortable  on the lips it's non drying and feels thick and smooth when applied. This survived a meal and drink which really impressed me but when I ate a nectarine the colour transferred and wiped off. Generally it  wears off  evenly which is good.

I've compared this to MUA Luxe Funk- ole' Flamingo is brighter, lighter and bluer in hue

To sum up,  despite the fact it takes a while to dry I like this, particularly as it survived a meal and doesn't smell or taste of  anything. I have my eye on 07 Nudist, the only nude liquid lipstick I have is Rimmel's Apocolips which to me tastes horrible so it would be nice to have something else in my collection.

There are 3 others not pictured  02 Franboise, 07 Nudist, 08 Grand Cru

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Urban Decay Anarchy Face Case

The Urban Decay Anarchy Face Palette is a lot smaller than I imagined from photos i'd seen online, it actually measures 5 inches long and 2.5 inches across and under 1 inch deep. It is compact and contains almost everything you need and is light and easy to travel, just fling it in your bag and you're ready to go. It's perfect for weekends, overnight stays and impromptu nights or drinks out.

The case is so pretty, the front has a baroque style patterned background and a matte silver Urban Decay logo above on top. Both layers have a mirror in the lids which is handy. Often in palettes the lip products end up with crumbs and flecks of eye shadow in them but because this is a lip pencil this problem is avoided

Eye shadows
A nice selection of colours, with 3 heavily glitter shades, one slightly glitter and one matte shade.
 Vapourize, Provocateur and Revolt do have lots if fall out when applied. Revolt and provocateur also tend to apply unevenly. I was disappointed with Fray the only matte shadow is difficult to swatch and work with it's very chalky and difficult to show up. This was a shame as Urban Decay usually do good matte shadows. Redemption has no fall out, is pigmented and easy to use. You could use Fray and Redemption for work and also a grey/silver smokey eye for going out. 

24/7 eyeliner in Perversion (Travel sized.)
 I have heard a lot of good things about this eyeliner and was just a tiny bit disappointed, In my mind 24/7 meant waterproof which it's not (despite Debenhams description) As a standard eyeliner it's good, it has a lot of slip so it applies smoothly and easily. It lasted a 12 hour day and was ok to wear with contact lenses.

I would say it's similar texture to Barry M's eyeliner but with a little more creamier and with  less slip, which enables more precision when lining close to the lashes. I tend to angle it close to the lashes for a fine line and it's very easy and comfortable to apply because it's so creamy. I'm glad it's included in this palette as it pulls the eye looks together, but I don't think this beats my HG Soap and Glory Smolder eye liner because that is truly waterproof and £10 cheaper.I would recommend this to those who find lining eyes hard because it is so creamy and literally 'glides on.' As for the colour it is a richly pigmented jet black. It's not an automatic wind up eye liner and does require sharpening but I prefer that so you can get a fine point.

Blushes and highlighter- 

The blushers are fairly big a good size in such a small palette. 

Fetish: This is a more natural shade in the palette and would suit most skin tones. It's very pigmented so you don't need much.
Quickie; In the pan this looks almost neon, it is heavily pigmented so a light hand is needed, I would suggest applying it with a fan brush or a brush that doesn't pick up tons of product.

The highlighter in Craze reminds me of sleeks highlighter in the light shade but a bit lighter it's very illuminating and fairly natural when applied. The colour is warm and would suit those who are tanned and olive toned. I feel that this would suit most people but if you are cool toned and prefer silver/pink highlighters you may not like this. The size of the highlighter could be bigger.

Super-Saturated Lip Pencil in Scandal (Limited Edition)
This was the reason I bought the palette, the colour, a blue based raspberry shade. The shade is actually redder in person although it looks pinker in the photographs. The lip pencil is similar to Nars lip pencil in the way that they are very pigmented and more like a lipstick or gloss rather than a lip pencil that's like a balm or a stain. It's like a shiny lipstick with a slight of metallic look about it. It's not at all sticky. I felt the lip pencil was easy to apply, but will need sharpening for accuracy and a mirror.  Since it's a jumbo pencil a big pencil sharpener can be found at The Body Shop here. A twist up pencil would be better because, product wouldn't be wasted in the shavings. It isn't drying and feels comfortable to wear. It's lasts through a drink and snack but not through a meal. 6g For a lip gloss the staying power isn't bad but it won't leave a stain once it's worn off.

To sum up I like the fact that everything is in one place and that the colours go together. I love the fact it's so compact and portable and the packaging is so pretty. I would say for me the hits were the blushes, highlighter and lip pencil and the misses were the eye shadows (though still usable). I think the only thing missing from this palette is the mascara, but then the palette would have to be a little bigger. If you like glittery eye shadows or pigmented blushes this is for you, and I highly recommend the Lip pencil. Urban Decay Anarchy palette is currently on sale at Debenhams at  £21 (previously £30)

Friday, 20 June 2014

Sleek Idivine Sunset Eye Shadow Palette Review

Although the Sleek idivine Sunset eye shadow palette has been out for awhile when I saw the swatches from this palette I had to add it to my collection as the colours are so vivid and beautiful.The concept of the palette are the colours of the sunset, sea and sand. All the shades are of a satin finish except the black which is matte. Black is always useful for definition and for smokey eyes. This was one of Sleek's earlier palettes where the shades don't have any names.

The colours are mostly warm shades with the exception of the cooler toned pink- the last colour on the bottom left. Both the peach and the pink have a gold shimmer.While this is a bright palette I think it's possible to create a more neutral look with the pink shades.The bright orange, russets and blue can create a bright summer look or paired with the black a smokey autumn leaves look or dark cranberry eye.

   My Arabic inspired double winged sunset look

Peformance: All colours in the Sleek Idivine sunset eye shadow palette are smooth to apply without any fallout. The shades are extremely pigmented looking like brightly lit jewels and are long wearing.

Packaging: As usual the packaging is Sleek's standard black matte case, with a mirror but small enough for travel or a handbag. Perhaps because this a recent purchase of one of the older palettes the pans no longer sport the waffle design.

To sum up: Altogether I think Sleek's sunset palette is fairly versatile and with 12 mineral eye shadows it's good value for money. While the colours aren't typically 'classic/traditional' this one of the standout palettes from Sleek's Idivine palettes. All the pans are excellently pigmented and of good quality-it's a keeper.

Sleek idivine Sunset Palette from Sleek and Boots £7.99 (13.2g)

You may like this if...You're on a budget, like warm colours or palettes for travelling
You may not like this if You prefer fancy packaging

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Avon Mega Effects Mascara Review

I know Avon Mega Effects Mascara  has been out for awhile but I've only recently un boxed and finally used it. This got a lot of hype for being 'revolutionary' because the mascara brush is unique- I'd describe it as a cross between a Afro style comb and a library date stamp.

To open you pull apart the cap, then you pull the handle of the brush out (Avon recommends rocking the brush from side to side to pull it out) then you can bend the brush to whatever angle you want, then brush upwards and outwards to your lashes. According to Avon this unique brush 'Provides panoramic volume and corner to corner coverage for dramatic definition.'

While some 'it' mascaras are purchased once due to the initial buzz around a gimmick but then dropped for the next hyped mascara or for the buyer's usual holy grail,  I can see myself repurchasing this because the gimmick  actually improves the application of mascara. It is brilliant for separating lashes and coating each one, essentially a mascara brush and comb in one. You can easily angle the brush to any angle you wish which makes the process of applying easier. Although you do need to be careful you don't pull the brush too far  upwards  as you will end up with smudges on your eyelid. This is easily solved by placing a card behind the lashes (so the card gets excess mascara instead of your skin.) It can also be applied to lower lashes. This mascara performs almost as well as Benefit's They're real mascara in lengthening the appearance of lashes.

   No Mascara

   Two Coats of Mascara

    Three coats of mascara

This is a wet formula which doesn't flake, it's sweat proof. Despite the brush eyelashes can sometimes clump together and you have to be careful about smudges on application especially as this is a wet formula. It does hold a curl throughout the day (although I haven't curled my lashes in the photos above and I just wanted to demonstrate what it looks like with just this mascara.) This shade 'Blackest black' is very pigmented, but other shades are also available brown-black and navy for those who prefer a subtle or brighter colour, navy could be used to enhance a blue eye make up look.Avon Mega Effects Mascara contains more product (9mls) compared to No 7 mascaras (7m.l) Unfortunately this mascara isn't waterproof

It still takes a few seconds longer to recognise where my mascara is when I'm in auto-pilot in the morning or when i'm in a rush because of the unique packaging, but I'm impressed with the mascara and would definitely recommend it. At £10 it's a good price for such a unique and good quality mascara, Avon could have increased the price for it's innovative USP but its the same price as their other mascaras and high street prices. Currently this mascara is on sale at £7 (Uk Avon Website) here.

To sum up I would give this 4 out of 5.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Shu Uemura Face Architect Illuminating Moisture Fluid Foundation Updated Review

I've been using Shu Uemera Face Architect Illuminating Fluid Foundation for 6 months now and thought I'd give you an update as there are a few more things i'd like to add. (see HERE for my original review post.)

Left side of face Without foundation, then with foundation
Right pictures: Foundation swatch on my arm, the mole shows how much coverage the foundation gives

I've used almost two thirds of the bottle during 6 months, wearing foundation roughly 2-3 times a week. I usually apply two pumps on a damp Real Techniques Expert face brush. I would say this gives light to medium coverage and feels light on the skin .It blurs and evens skin tone, can cover most of the redness but freckles will show through but not as strongly if you weren't wearing foundation.
From long term use I've noticed the skin on my forehead has become uneven and small spots and bumps have appeared. I have sensitive combination skin and my forehead tends to be oily but I rarely get spots here. This seems to be from the oil rather than an allergic reaction. This foundation benefits from a powder and touch up during the day. I'd be careful about wearing this every day if you have oily skin or oily combination skin. This foundation is fine to use around my nose which is where my skin gets congested which is surprising. For now I think i'll be wearing this just occasionally.

To sum up this is light foundation that gives light to medium coverage and semi matte finish. Oily and oily combination skins may want to avoid this or use it just occasionally and rotate with other foundations. This will need to be powdered especially for hot weather. However the bottle does go a long way.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Downton Abbey Lip Gloss Collection Review

The Downton Abbey packaging is well presented looking both traditional and upmarket tying in with the television series. The quote from the series ' Now stop talking and kiss me before I get cross' is a nice touch. Each tube is stamped with a gold Downton Abbey monogram which looks fairly classy. The tubes are good quality thick  plastic that is  transparent so that you see the colour of the gloss inside and have black  caps. While the tubes themselves aren't very delicate or ornate the simple design looks sophisticated and I would imagine helps keep the price down. Each gloss contains 4ml and works out at approximately £3.17 each. These are labelled as cruelty free (not tested on animals.) The wand brush is stiffer than in other lip glosses I've used, so I'd recommend softening them by running under warm water before using them for the first time. These colours are very wearable for all ages basically there is a red, nude and pink.

I would describe these as pigmented sheer lip glosses which sounds like a contradiction but what I mean is that while the colours are not as strong as the colours in the tube they are lighter and sheerer, however unlike other 'sheer' lip glosses these are not clear glosses, aside from precious these definitely have a colour to them and all look very glossy on the lips.

These lip glosses feel non-sticky when first applied and the texture feels a bit oily.The consistency is not thick and gloopy but more fluid and light but not too thin or watery. After a drink the lip gloss felt a little sticker but this probably helped it stay though drinking and sometimes through eating nibbles. These glosses do not last through a meal. Claret wears off in the middle/inner lip but doesn't leave a  dreaded ring behind. Velvet wears around each side. Both have a tendency to stay in the lines of your lips. Precious wears evenly but you are left with sparkles and small particles of glitter. There is no discernible smell to these lip glosses although they do taste a little on the plastic side, not packed with harsh tasting chemicals  but just a little synthetic

The lightest shade contains glitter which is subtle and fine but when you press your lips together it can feel the tiniest bit gritty,but i think this is true of most glosses that have glitter in them. The other two do not contain any glitter.

Claret is a pinky raspberry red. While it doesn't make the same statement as the classic blue toned Hollywood red or a dark red wine as the name implies, it still stands out. It can be a little patchy/blotchy  when applied so bear this in mind.

Precious is described as a gold but I would say that it is more of a slightly peach tinted clear gloss with gold glistening glitter. It actually lightens the colour of my lips slightly. It was really difficult to capture this in a photograph. The glitter is very noticeable and catches the light making lips look wet and glossy. This colour would be good for balancing out heavy dark smoky eye looks.

Velvet is labelled a mauve but it seems more of a warm toned pink. On me it shows up as a my lips but better shade. This shade is difficult to apply evenly and often looks a bit blotchy when applied and could benefit from a lip liner so you need to bear this is mind when you apply it.

These lip glosses come in subtle classic colours that would suit a wide range of looks and all skin tones. The lip glosses are good value for money but are of average quality, some may be put off by the texture and taste of them. The wear time is average for a gloss but they do settle into lip lines as they wear off, Precious doesn't do this but does leave glitter behind.  If you are a big Downton Abbey fan then you can easily overlook these issues because while they are not of the highest standard nor are they the worst, I would say 2.5 /3 out of 5.

Available at Marks and Spencers £9.50.
Marks and Spencer free delivery to USA, Australia and NZ on orders over £30

You may like this if...You are a fan of Downton Abbey ,like unscented lip glosses, non sticky glosses or are on a budget. Alternatively you may like these if you like sheer glosses or a more natural look.

You may not like this if...You like scented glosses or are particular about how lip glosses feel on the lips. If you want to apply lip gloss quickly and not worry about unevenness. If you dislike glitter then the precious lip gloss won't be for you.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Boots Invigorating Foot Scrub Review and Summer Pedicure Polishes

With summer come sandals, so it's time to pay attention to the more neglected areas of our body: feet! So I have a Boots foot scrub review for you and my favourite pedicure shades to follow.

Boots Invigorating Foot Scrub contains mint, calendula and apricot seed. I bought this because I have eczema on my ankles and read on reviews that it was fine to use for eczema sufferers. It claims to stimulate circulation and soften rough dry feet.

Directions: Wash and dry area to be treated. Using fingertips gently rub in the cream until the surface flakes. Wash and dry the skin.

This has a fresh clean scent which I like, though it does smell a bit herbally, a scent which I generally don't like (think Neal's Yard.)  This is gentle and non-irritating and it did make my feet feel softer and smoother after use. The the creamy consistency was easy to spread, the granules are very concentrated but because they are fine/small the scrub is not abrasive or harsh. However I don't think it's abrasive enough to scrub away hardened callouses you will need a pumice stone or loofah for that. I didn't find much of the flaky effect either. I didn't think it stimulated circulation very much but I do have particularly bad circulation.This is dermatologically tested but does contain parabens (Methylparaben and Ethylparaben.)

The packaging is fairly basic being Boots own brand but I like the fact that the tube is transparent so you can see the product inside. The flip open tube is also hygienic and it closes properly.

While Boots invigorating foot scrub did smooth and soften my feet it could benefit from bigger granules. I appreciated that it was gentle and did not  aggravate my skin and does seem to be suitable for all skin types as it claims. However it didn't deliver on the promise of stimulating circulation.  I would say this is an adequate basic foot scrub that smooths and softens feet but doesn't do anything extra. On the whole this is  not the best nor the worst,  I would give this a rating 3 out of 5. Boots invigorating foot scrub is £3.49 for 100ml at Boots

You will like this if...
  • You have sensitive skin /expect this to be gentle and non-irritating 
  • You find it budget friendly
  • Like the transparent and hygienic packaging
  • You just want a scrub to make your feet soft.
    You may not like this if
    • You expect to scrub away callouses
    • You want improved circulation
    Summer Pedicure Polishes: My picks

    As a base coat I've been using Bourjois So perfect base coat to prevent any polish staining nails.

    I like bright colours for summer so my current colour choices would be Bourjois So Laque Ultra Shine in Fuchsia Hype: feminine but because it's bright stands out from pastel or barbie pink or Corals such as Nails Inc Copacabana Coral (Exclusive to Instyle magazine but available on Ebay) or alternatively Barry M Gelly Nails in Passion Fruit would look good with tanned feet.

    Wednesday, 4 June 2014

    Festival Hair Accessories

    Ah...June is here at last and maybe the UK will get some sun fingers crossed! With two of the biggest festivals taking place in June- the Isle of Wight and Glastonbury, not to mention all the smaller festivals up and down the country- here are my favourite festival hair accessories.

    Top Row (L-R)

    1. ASOS Draping Faux Pearl Hair Crown £12 ASOS
    2. Limited Edition Petal Headband £8 ASOS
    3. River Island Over sized Chain and Coin Crown £12 ASOS

    Bottom Row (L-R)

    4. Limited Edition Rope Headband £8 ASOS
    5. Short Brim Felt Fedora Hat £18 ASOS
    6. ASOS Mixed Flower Blooming Hair Garland £12 ASOS
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