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6 Iconic Perfume Bottles and The Stories Behind Their Design.

 1. Chanel No 5 by Coco Chanel 1921

                                    Source changes made. Right Palace De Vendrome Source

When launching her perfume in 1921, Chanel famously said 'I always launch my collection on the 5th day of the 5th month, so the number 5 seems to bring me luck- therefore I will name it No5.' The abstract name matched the distinctive smell which separated it from the flowery scents with flowery names at the time. Chanel no5 used synthetic ingredients including a blend of rose and ylang ylang that was much less floral.In contrast to the overly decorative perfume bottles at the time Chanel's bottle was very simple and austere. The inspiration for the bottle isn't clear: it is said to be influenced by the whiskey decanter Coco had, others say it was the Charvet toiletry bottle that once belonged to her then-love Captain Arthur 'Boy' Capel. The final design by Jean Helleu didn't deviate much from the squarish shape Chanel had in mind. The clipped corners of the Place de Vendome match the clipped corners of the Chanel bottle.The bottle reached iconic status in Andy Warhol's famous pop art prints and since 1959 it has been on permanent display in New York's Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) Chanel have even launched No 5 perfume shaped handbags.                          

2. Shalimar designed by & for Raymond   Guerlain 1925 

Left Original design Source Middle current design Source Right fountains from Shalimar Gardens Source

Shalimar was inspired by the Shalimar gardens in Lahore, Pakistan and the love story of it's royal residents. Part of the Shalimar gardens was commissioned by love-sick Mughal Emperor Shah Jehan in 1619 , where he would walk with his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. When Mumtaz died in childbirth three years after her husband succeeded his father to the throne, he built the Taj Mahal as a memorial to his wife. Shalimar also means 'temple of love' in Sanskrit. Europe in the 1920's had a fascination with the East, with it's exoticism, khol-eyed beauties, passion and addictive substances. The bottle is inspired by the garden's fountain, the curves are the basin and the blue transparent fan stopper represents gushing water. The bottle was manufactured by Cristal Baccarat (who along with Lalique first turned the perfume flacon into an objet d'art.) The perfume was displayed at the Decorative Arts Exhibition in 1925 and won first prize. Recently the bottle has been redesigned by jewellery designer/socialite Jade Jagger, a more pared down version that doesn't alter drastically from the original. 

3. L'Air Du Temps by Nina Ricci 1948

  Right and middle Source with changes Left Source

L'air du Temps was launched in 1948 after World War II, in a spirit of harmonious joy. The conceptual themes are universal peace, purity, freedom and love. The perfume was to represent the symbol of femininity and eternal youth.  L'Air du Temps is also the air that we breathe, the mood of the moment, the reflection of each era. L'Air du Temps… An unequalled moment of emotion.The original bottle of Nina Rici L'air Du Temps was created by Marc Lalique, considered one of the greatest perfume bottle designers of all time who influenced by art noveau made perfume bottles an objet d'art. He worked with Francois Coty, Roger & Gallet,Houbigant, Molyneux and Worth. His design was a sunburst with a frosted glass insert and stopper. Then in 1951 his design changed to two frosted doves ontop of on a swirled flacon/bottle which encapulated the concept of Peace. Limited editions aside the bottle has remained to the present day. The limited and speical editions have all had doves in the design with variations on the number of doves, the color of the doves and the color of the bottle. The exception was in 1996 when Lalique made a winged version of the bottle that did not have the doves see far right above.

4) Classique by Jean paul Gautier 1993

Elsa Schiaparelli fragrance (see more parfum fragrances) Polyvore Middle Source Right  Source

To me this bottle of a woman's body always reminds me of Madonna's pointy gold bra (also designed by Gautier for her Blond Ambition Tour) but this design has roots further back in history. Shaped like a tailors dummy it references the fashion houses dressing famous stars. This design was heavily influenced By Elsa Schiaparelli's 1937 surrealist bottle called Shocking. Shocking was based on Mae West's corseted hourglass figure. Mae West asked Schiaparelli to design her costumes for The 1937 film Every Day's A Holiday. Schiaparelli based in Paris would not travel to Hollywood and West could not go to Paris. A compromised was agreed when a torso with West's measurements was sent to Schiaparelli's Paris Workshop. Incidentally Shocking was Frida Kahlo's favourite perfume. The designer of Jean Paul Gaultier's classique bottle is Saint Gobain, while Gaultier personally designed the boxes.Today a tin can contains Jean Paul Gautier's perfumes, the unusual choice is because Gaultier likes to use everyday objects and turn them into art. The Eau De Toilette is in a frosted glass bottle and a silver metal can, while EDP comes in a bottle dressed in a lacy dress and in golden metal packaging.

 5) CK one by Calvin Klein 1994.

Left Source Middle Source Right source

This perfume epitomises the 90's, appealing to disaffected, sexually ambivalent, grunge generation X. Popularity for this 'new' unisex brand went through the roof. Because the perfume was marketed as as unisex the bottle design was kept very minimalist to appeal to both sexes- Fabien Baron designed a flat screw top bottle, reminiscent of a hip flask or gin bottle keeping the look edgy. The adverts were shot unconventionally in black and white, using moody looking androgynous models to emphasize the unisex brand. Clever marketing on the back of the current zeitgeist ensured CK One broke industry rules and records,  selling 20 bottles per minute at its peak. 

 6) Flower by Kenzo. 2000

Kenzo's artistic director Partrick Geudj wanted the bottle design to be based around a flower because of the floral scent but also wanted the flower to symbolise peace after being inspired by a photograph byMarc Ribaud 'March in Washington' (21st October 1967) of a girl holding a flower as she faces a line of soliders holding bayonets guarding the Pentagon on the March for Peace In Vietnam. The resulting design by Serge Mansau is a tall narrow glass leaning to the side like a flower in a breeze and a trompe l'oeil image of a Poppy which makes it look as if there is a flower inside the glass vase bottle. Serge Mansau has also designed Ô by Lancome, Declaration by Cartier, Eau de Rochas or Diorella.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

A Chocolate Lovers Wishlist- Celebrating UK Chocolate Week 2014

You may not have known it but this week is chocolate week, and it's not over yet. The Chocolate Show offers demonstrations, tastings, truffle rolling, even couture outfits made entirely of chocolate! It's held at London's Olympia is still on until 19th October and tickets can be bought on the door so if you're at a loose end pop in. If you're not near London there are other events around the country for more details see here. There's never been a better excuse to dig deep into a box of Quality Street.
Personally I haven't really tried many chocolate flavoured body care or make up- but I do remember a certain chocolate flavoured lip gloss from the body shop in the 90's. It was more chocolate fudge/cocoa than a true chocolate taste and smell and was a browny pink colour! I should really go and try their current chocomania products. Anyway to celebrate chocolate week I have put together a wish list that's almost good enough to eat.

Body care

1. Looking just like a box of chocolates, these gorgeous handmade bath bombs will make your bath extra special. The box includes vanilla bath creamer, chocolate orange bath creamer, coffee mocha Bath meltz ,chocolate bath mallow, double choc chip bath gem and chocolate Buttercup. From
Bomb cosmetics £9.99 
2. This is one of The Body Shop's best selling body butters in Chocomania. Currently it's half price £2.50 for 50ml and £6.50 for 200ml
3. If you like the smell of Terry's Chocolate Orange then this will be right up your street. Not only does it smell like chocolate it contains Shea Butter, vitamin E, Pro vitamin B5 and is free from silicone and Mineral oil. This Body lotion with Chocolate & Orange Extracts with Shea Butter is from Aromacare £12.95 Amazon.

Make Up

1. Too Faced Chocolate Bar. This palette contains cocoa powder infused eye shadows  Debenhams /Beauty Bay £45
2. Estee Lauder Pure Colour Nail Lacquer in Chocolate Foil a lovely colour but unfortunately doesn't smell like chocolate. John Lewis and other Department stores £14
3. Put some colour into autumn/winter pale cheeks with Bourjois Delice de Poudre bronzing powder. With flecks of gold and it smells like chocolate. Boots £7.99


Finally some chocolate themed charm bracelets, I don't usually feature jewellery but I couldn't resist these, they're so cute and it is chocolate after all..

Left to Right

1. Chocolate Candy Candy Jewelry Silver chocolate bracelet here £49.78  Blackberry Designs Etsy

2. Cute Kawaii Bracelet with Miniature Cookies, Coffees and Chocolate here  £7.34 Etsy Photo courtesy of Natajka 

3. I Love Chocolate Custom Glass Charm Bracelet £13.40 here Script Charms Etsy

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated or paid by The Chocolate Show, Chocolate Week or any of the products or companies in this post- I'm just a plain old chocolate lover.

Monday, 6 October 2014

Beating Bloggers Block: 28 Blog Ideas for Beauty and Fashion Bloggers

Source: Pinterest with changes

1.  How to guides: for applying fake lashes, creating smoky eyes, for contouring, concealing.

2. Post Technology expertise. I've seen a few 'Techy Tuesday' series and Html tips which I've always found useful.

3. A post on making the most out of social media for connecting with readers and growing your blog.

4. A list of useful apps for bloggers, Photographers, fashionistas and beauty bloggers or apps you use regularly.

5. Routines: Showing your go to make up look, morning and evening skincare routines or how you     style your hair for work.

6. Wish lists: picking out products from eBay, Etsy, Beauty Bay, Topshop, Asos, etc that you'd like     to buy or a theme such as make up brushes or a handbag wishlist. I loved this photography equipment wishlist by The Life Of a Beauty Addict (here).

7. Blog Love. Create a post on favourite bloggers or posts you've liked.

8. Create a post on your favourite instagrammers, Youtubers or Pinterest boards.

9. Google any forthcoming days/weeks that are devoted to particular causes such as national feet day, mental health week and stopover (stopping smoking) and create a post inspired/tie in which will also increase awareness.

10. Recreate looks from make up campaigns, fashion campaigns celebrity pictures in magazines,    videos, reality shows such as X factor.

11. A post on News and current affairs. Whether this your opinion on new make up technology such  as the nail polish that tests whether a drink has been spiked Mary from Strikeapose (here) wrote a good article on this. Or blog about more general topics, following the incident where Beyonce's sister hit Jay Z, Makeupmonster (here) wrote a blog article on whether assaults towards men are taken seriously. The Huffington Post and Jezebel are good websites/blogs for current affairs news.

12. Write a dupes posts or look for less post.
13. Write about what got you into blogging, first experiences of make up or forays into fashion (disasters.)  Blog about what you love and what bugs you about blogging. Jane from British Beauty Blogger (here) is very outspoken about blogging issues whether this be about the magazine/blog divide or fake bloggers or giving an overview of the beauty blogosphere (here.) While Makeupmonster (here) offers more discussion by asking readers their opinions on blogging issues.

14. Interview someone. They don't have to be famous. Someone in the field such as beauty PR, marketing, make up artist, photographer, a vintage clothes store owner, a vintage compact   collector or another blogger.

15.  Blogging and photography tips, these aren't just read by beginners I think everyone appreciates tips that help us improve.

16. School subjects think HISTORY of make up/fashion, SCIENCE reading ingredients     lists/good/bad ingredients. ENGLISH a list of beauty quotes, book reviews on make up or   autobiographies of someone you admire or important person in the field such as coco Chanel. DESIGN the prettiest and ugliest packaging or branding.

17. Do a tutorial/face of the day/nail of the day/outfit of the day post.

18. Best picks of a particular brand /one brand tutorial.

19. Review experiences of spa days, salon treatments, personal shopper/Make up swaps/swishing  parties.

20. Review tools of the trade:make up brushes, sponges, eye lash curlers, hair rollers, hair dryers, tongs straighteners, nail plate kits etc.

21. Blog about make up storage/clothes storage.

22. Seasons change. Summer: bikinis and sun protection, winter months Dealing with dry skin, wearing woollens, Spring pastels and spring cleaning (aka chucking out old clothes/make up) Autumn colour palette for nails/clothes/make up.

23. Make it personal. Write a post about how you deal with any issues you have such as having acne, eczema, anxiety issues.  Use your experiences to give tips and advice on how you dress with big boobs (Annie from A Little Opulent does a great post here btw) how you make thin hair voluminous etc.

24. Complete a tag -there are many online and readers love getting to know the person behind the blog.

25. Write about beauty and fashion hits, misses and favourites.

26 Invite a guest blogger or participate in a collaboration. If you have no one in mind you can do a blog call out post to ask if anyone is interested.

27. Look back at your old posts and write a new post with links to your favourite posts. Or write a post that groups old posts together so they are easier to find in one go such as List of all the blogging or beauty tips or How to, posts.

28. List all the current sales: highlight the best offers or list all the voucher codes available  money saving expert is a good place to start.

Friday, 3 October 2014

Top 10 Worst Beauty Product Names Part 2

6) . OPI Nail Polish  AmazON AmazOFF
  I know, I know OPI are famous for their bad puns but this is bad. It's part of their Brazil collection but couldn't they have just stopped at AmazON? Or called it Amazing Amazon or something?

7) OPI Nail Polish   Lucerne-Tainly look marvelous
If the name above is bad this is worse. Why, OPI, Why inflict this on us?

8 Urban Decay Desperation Eyeshadow and eyeliner 
I know Urban Decay is an 'edgy' brand that prides itself on being 'anti-barbie' but surely we don't want to actually aim for create the  look of desperation, surely that's not a good look on anyone.

9. Urban Decay Lube in a Tube
    Yes it rhymes and it's catchy but this just sounds gross and tacky. I know Lancome has ownership over  Juicy Tubes but surely Urban Decay could have come up (no pun intended) with something a little more sophisticated and more appealing?

10. Nars Deep Throat Blusher
  Orgasm sounds sexy but deep throat sounds like it would be more attractive to men than women and to me suggests gagging. Surely you don't want to associate your product with gagging?

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Top 10 Worst Beauty Products Names Part 1

This post was inspired by Jane Cunningham at British Beauty Blogger on Badly Named Beauty products which you can find here. These are my Top 10 worst product names that I've come across- enjoy!

1) Illamasqua Bacterium Nail Polish
     Just what you want to paint on your nails- bacterium- sounds enchanting! To me this just brings to      mind all those toenail infections, athletes foot, fungus very unattractive.

2) Simone Chickenbone Chicken Poop lip Junk  'crafted from ingredients you want to put on       your skin.'
     Firstly this product does not contain any chicken poop, poo, droppings whatever you want to call it. None.At.All. So why call it Chicken Poop Lip Junk? Apparently the name was inspired by founder/creator Jamie Labor's grandpa, whenever she complained of dry lips he'd tell her 'Put some chicken poop on your lips so you won't lick 'em!' So i'm glad we've cleared that up then. 
Despite the fact that it wasn't easy to sell something called Chicken Poop the name remained.Her perseverance has paid off as now over 700 stores across USA, Canada, Australia and the UK. It's also not tested on animals and the only animal ingredient is beeswax.

3) Dr Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips
    I guess this brand didn't want to forget it's roots as a humble balm used to soothe nipples of breast feeding women. From the name it also sounds ideal for runners complaining of nipple chaffing. But with a name like Dr Lipp surely that's all you need? The name is slightly confusing and would probably appeal to a wider audience and to more men if the word nipple was dropped?

4) I hate Perfumes 2nd Cummings
Where do I start with this? CB I hate Perfumes is a niche brand by Christopher Brosius, whose vision is to redefine perfume as 'an individual portrait of who we are' instead of a generic, unimaginative scent worn by the masses. This is an anti celebrity perfume collaboration with a celebrity, the actor Alan Cummings (get that?)This 'anti celebrity project casts a new perspective on the classical men's fragrances dedicated to 'sex, scotch, cigars and Scotland.' The original fragrance Cumming proved popular so the next had to be called 2nd Cummings- gotta love a pun. 2nd cummings could refer to the return on Jesus or insalubrious sex acts.

5) Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish in Watery Waste
    Talk about running down your product, this is almost like an own goal from Maybelline. This name does not sound good. It makes you think the nail polish will be too runny and that the colour is nothing special and suggests it in fact be a waste of money.

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