Saturday, 31 January 2015

4 Cool Slogans Work Out Tops

If you're struggling with your new year resolutions to get fit and healthy (with cold wintry days the sofa and TV seem much more attractive), these t-shirts may just inspire you to get moving!  I found these when I was looking for a Benedict Cumberbatch t-shirt, but if he's not your cup of tea there similar tops featuring Ryan Gosling here,  Tatum Channing here and Bradley Cooper here. These cool slogan workout tops add a bit of fun and motivation when you're exercising.

1. Run Like Benedict Cumberbatch is Waiting at The Finish Line Amazon £10.50
2 She believed She Could So She Did vest The Fitness Tee Co, Esty, £10.85
3..Train Like You've been picked for The Hunger Games Cafe Press  £18.Similar Amazon for £10.99
4. Meeting My Girls At The Barre Tonight  Amazon £21.03

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

4 Moisturising Lip Picks for Winter

Come winter, chapped lips seem inevitable, meaning you can forget about applying drying lipsticks. For days when you want to add colour but lipstick just feels uncomfortable to wear or too full on, try reaching for one of these instead. They range from most pigmented and opaque (#happy lips, lip butters) to sheer (TBS Born Lippy.)

The Body Shop Born Lippy in Plum
This gives a subtle berry tint to the lips and is very moisturising. There are other shades in the range but this is the darkest, I chose the darkest assuming it would have more colour pay off and it doesn't disappoint. It's doesn't look odd when it wears off either. I prefer the Born Lippy lip balm in stick form rather than the pots because I find the formula more moisturising and hygienic. This lip balm smells slightly of plum and prunes and tastes a little like plums. As always with The Body shop this tinted lip balm isn't tested on animals and is priced reasonably at £3. You can get this from The Body Shop here 

Clinque Chubby Stick Moisturising Lip Balms
This is the one that started a revolution in the make up world. The twist up form was easy to apply and didn't need sharpening. It became so popular it started a copycat trend amongst other cosmetic brands. These Clinque chubby stick lips have a perfect formula for they are not sticky, tacky or waxy in anyway. Clinque Chubby Stick balms are not scented and have no taste which is great for those with allergies. They are very comfortable to wear. Full review and swatches see here. If you are after a more opaque colour then Clinque also do a Chubby Stick Intense line.They are available at Clinque Online here , Boots, Superdrug and department store for £17.

Revlon Colourburst Lip Butters
I have four of these sheer but moisturising lipsticks, in Macaroon, Berry Smoothie,Tutti Frutti and Raspberry Pie and reckon they're worth the hype.They smell of vanilla but it's fairly subtle. The wear time of these aren't great but I found them to last a bit longer than the No 7 version, Sheer Temptations lipstick which is similar. A swatch of the Raspberry Pie can be found here. Revlon Colourburst Lip Butters are priced at £7,99 at Superdrug here and Boots here £7.99

Make Up Revolution Amazing Care #Happylips in Love Red
This has a moisturising outer layer containing argan oil. Because of this I expected that it would be sheer like a tinted lip balm, but I was pleasantly surprised that this can be built up to a bright red colour (although it looks pink in the swatch below it's actually a cool toned red.) and is a lot more pigmented. These happylips are perfect to wear in the winter when your lips tend to feel drier because this is really very moisturising and so comfortable to wear. It can last through a drink but not eating. There is no noticeable smell but it does taste like vanilla. Altogether there are 5 shades in the line. £3 Make Up Revolution here

Monday, 26 January 2015

I Heart Make Up Palette in GO! Review

This aptly named I Heart Make Up Go Palette is a compact eye shadow, blush and highlighter travel palette that fits into one hand. It contains 6 eye shadows (5 shimmer and one matte finish) and
two blushes and a highlighter. This was part of the bundle of products from a Make Up Revolution's Black Friday deal (I Heart Makeup is a sister brand)

The shades of the eye shadows are neutral and wearable browns, copper and pinks. The palest cream shadow is a little chalky and almost all the eye shadows (apart from the last two) needed a couple of swipes for the photos. I expected the last shadow on the left to be a dark plum but it's actually a dark brown. Without primer the eye shadows half disappeared after 7 hours of wear (the same as most other eye shadows my slightly oily lids) with a good primer underneath these last all day.

For me the best part if this palette were the blushes they both look so natural on the face. I don't mean natural as in sheer where the hell is it? But rather part of your face's natural beauty. The bright pink blush looks neon in the pan but actually applies to give a fairly natural colour. I was wondering if the other blush could be used as a contour on either my skin or someone much paler but it's more of a peach colour than a brown and appears very much as a blush. They were velvety and easy to swatch compared to the eye shadows. The colour of the peach blusher reminded me of Urban Decay's blusher Fetish from the Limited Edition Anarchy Face palette.The highlighter is on the silvery pink side and is pretty finely milled and almost an exact dupe for the highlighter in the discontinued Benefit Perfect 10 Duo (Make Up Revolution is ever so slightly warmer although this is barely noticeable.) Personally I suit golden highlighters but the quality is pretty good.

This is the first palette I've tried from I Heart Make Up and to be honest I think I prefer the palettes in the Make Up Revolution range, although I've yet to try I Heart Make Up's Chocolate palettes. It's convenient to have your blushes, hight lighter and eye shadows all together in a compact and portal palette. The blushes (6.5g) and highlighter (4.5g) are fairly generously sized in such a small palette. The eye shadows can easily fit a brush or a finger and add up to 5g of product.  I feel the selling point of the palette are the blushes and the high lighter,especially as they are near dupes from discontinued shades. At the reduced price below it might be worth it for these three things alone.
The full price of these are £6.49 but it is currently priced at £3.99 on the Make Up Revolution website here

Friday, 23 January 2015

MakeUp Revolution Amazing Curl Mascara Review

The packaging of Make Up Revolution Amazing Curl Mascara in Brown Black is plain and basic, though the tube is bronze to distinguish it from the black mascara,  I did sometimes find it difficult to push the curved wand back into the tube after use but this may just be the one I bought- a wider opening would be easier to use though, has anyone else found this  too? However this has got to be the cheapest mascara I've ever tried so for £2 you can't really expect fancy packaging.

The wand is a slim curved bristle brush to give lashes 'an amazing curl.' I've only used a curved mascara wand once before and found it helps to lift the lashes so they appear curled for an hour or two but the effect is temporary and that you need to use an eyelash curler for longer lasting results. Just for the record I have long black but straight eye lashes The curled brush of this mascara makes it really easy to apply mascara from right from the root of the eyelash to the tip of the lashes and does a great job of separating them. This does hold a curl (with eye lash curlers) that lasts most if not all of the the day. This mascara can be built up to lengthen lashes a little too, which is a bonus! However it doesn't add any volume to the lashes. I also also wear contact lenses and found that it did not flake or irritate my eyes at all. Make Up Revolution also have a waterproof version of this mascara for the same price. As I've only recently opened this mascara I don't know if it will dry up after a few months.

To sum up this up this wouldn't be my HG (Holy Grail) mascara. I'd like more volume but for just £2 this is pretty good and does what it says: it curls lashes and adds a little length. I would say Make up Revolution Amazing Curl Mascara would be good for bargain hunters, students, teenagers or those who are skint towards the end of the month and they should check this out.

Available at Superdrug here Make Up Revolution Online £2 here

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Finish 5 by Cinco De Mayo Challenge Intro

The Finish 5 by Cinco De Mayo is a challenge started by Megan +megsmakeup8. This is a challenge where you choose 5 products to finish by May 5th 2015. I wasn't sure whether to do this or the Finish 7 by Spring (March 20th) but as I would have started a month late I decided on this challenge instead. The reasons why I've decided to take on the Finish 5 by Cinco De Mayo Challenge are that I thought it would be fun- I've never done one of these challenges before, and lately I've realised that my cream and liquid products were being neglected and really they need to be used much more frequently
due to the shorter expiration date. I will do quick updates on the 5th of the each month to show you how I'm doing.  I have tried to pick products that are hopefully realistic to finish- wish me luck!

ELF cream Blusher (duo)
I've used this about 3 times so there's about 98% product left. I love the Nars lookalike palette but I find the bronzer too orange so I only use the blush. Because the blush isn't long wearing it's not my favourite but since it's cream I feel like I need to use it up fairly quickly.

No. 7 Cream Eye Shadow in Fudge
I tend to favour my Maybelline cream tattoos or the Mac cream eye shadows and this falls by the wayside- from what I remember this is fairly long lasting and a lovely bronze/brown colour. I reckon there's about 99-98% product left.

No. 7 Eye Shadow and Blush Palette by Lisa Elderidge
I've had this palette for years and although I love it-it's a great size, with a big mirror and shades I wear regularity (apart from the mint green.) However I feel I have lots of palettes and would like to use this up. It's taken me years to hit pan on the gold shadow and I want to try to finish it, there's about 55% left of the pan. I also want to use up the pink shadow and I think there's about 80% of shadow remaining. These are colours I wear frequently but tend to use them from lots of different palettes.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Pink Crystals 21
I have never used up a lip gloss before - I used to keep them for years (eww) and now I keep them until they smell bad or I bin them after having a cough, cold or flu to prevent re-infection. This is a nice everyday peach/clear shade that I've had for ages so needs to be used up and it will go with everything. Currently there's 80% of product left.

Sleek Foundation in Barley 
It's taken me about 5 months to use up 33% of the product, and I hope to use it up before spring as this is actually not the right shade for me, it's a little too dark and orange for my skin tone. I can get away with wearing this in the winter and at night time but not for the light sunny days of spring.

Monday, 19 January 2015

6 Cool Beauty Instagrammers

What I love about make up is the power to transform yourself, whether it's from feeling sad and unloved to attractive and vibrant, from changing appearances from natural to glamorous and even extraordinary costume face painting. It's definitely a skill that can be learnt and improved on, but some people have an amazing talent for it, these are my 6 coolest beauty instagrammers. Not all of these looks are wearable day to day, but they are amazing works of art and inspiration. Instagram is a visual social media tool that showcases these looks well, for free and at your fingertips.

1. Jewshopalot
A make up artist based in New York, Jewshopalot creates extraordinary theatrical looks that are just breathtaking. Check out her other make up looks on instagram @Jewshopalot. 
                                                                                                   Photos courtesy of Jewshopalot
2) Tag Peleg
Tal Peleg is a visual artist whose professional make up skills helped to create incredibly detailed eye looks, literally the eye lid becomes a canvas painting. Her inspiration comes from fairy tales, poetry, animals and films. One of  her designs 'window to the soul' with the words 'words can be dangerous so use them wisely' was created to draw attention to bullying and anti bullying campaigns. Her designs can take up to 3 hours to create and she has been featured in the Daily Mail here . She is such a talented artist- go check her out on instagram @Tal-Peleg and Facebook page here

3) Nailuminium
   Margee C. is a nail blogger from the Czech Republic. Her designs are mostly hand drawn in acrylic paint. She started her blog Nailuminium to display her fantastic nail designs and her amazing talent. Her blog also has lots of tutorials and nail polish reviews of the polishes she's tried. Follow her at  @nailuminium

                                                                                                           Photos Courtesy of Nailuminium

4) The Bookish Manicurist
Mands from Sydney Australia, is a certified nail technician who paints her nails to match the books she reads and reviews. You can see her young adult book reviews on her blog The Bookish Manicurist. Catch her latest nails and reads on instagram @thebookishmanicurist.

5) Dress Up Box                                                                                                                             

Hannah Concannon could almost be mistaken for Lady Gaga's make up artist. She is an artist, writer, and costume designer hailing from Oregon, USA. When she moved to San Francisco she ended up living with 24 artists in The Convent Collective, one of these friends challenged her to create one piece of art everyday. So everyday since January 2013 she has been painting her face and her instagram has been documenting the results! Her looks are very dramatic and theatrical. Her blog also features tutorials, videos and reviews - which you can find here. Follow her on instagram @dressupbox

6) Motives Cosmetics              
Motives Cosmetics are an American cosmetics company by Loren Ridinger and Motives for La La. They also do skincare range as well. They have a UK website here as well as Canada, Hong Kong, Australia and Taiwan websites. They have a big Instagram presence but I never feel overwhelmed by their posts because their photos (from promotional pictures, professional make up artists or sent by make up loving general public)  are so stunningly beautiful. See more at their instagram  @Motivescosmetics.

                                                                                                     Photos courtesy of Motives Cosmetics

Friday, 16 January 2015

Useful free stuff for bloggers

This is my last post of my blogging series- it's a little later than I planned so sorry about that.
         In this post I wanted to put all the blogging resources: useful websites, printable calendars and            blogging planners, free images, editing programmes together in one place.

1.  Free Pretty Printable Calendars

Good for scheduling posts and keeping organised, monthly printable calendars are great to print out when there are only a few months left of the year.

2. Free Printable Blogging planner sheet

Measuring Flower
14 Page Blogging Binder including product review sheet, give-away sheet, income and expense sheet, advertising record and editorial calendar. It also has blog maintenance check lists with prompts and also a blank one if you prefer that.

Just Another Static Heart
A beautiful floral planner with 8 pages that include  Reviews/giveaway sheets and Ideas pages (from companies to contact. future posts and advertising.)

real life at home
I love these they have lots of room for writing and have chevron pattern. These 3 pages include an ad/review/Campaign sheet, Monthly statistics page & Monthly goals/ideas pages

Play Party Pin
Great Monthly blog check list (above) Daily check list (here)

Gifts We Use
Great blogging planning sheet with lots of room to write and it includes a check list so that you don't forget anything.

smart school house
Two pretty blue and pink to do lists with graphics.

Imperfect homemaking
I like the blog post planner page but there is also a daily planner page.

living well spending less.
You need to sign up but it's free, There are 9 sheets very colourful with lots of space,they include
long term blogging goals, monthly blogging goals, connections and a to do list with prompts.

Love at first book. This has a guest post tracker, series tracker, contacts page and twitter/hashtag tracker.

Made To Be A Momma Colourful 5 sheet planner that includes a password keeper and guest post /contributors planner.

3. Free images (to use click on the bold name)

Pixabay you may find and share images free of copyrights. All pictures are published under Creative Commons Public Domain deed CC0. You can copy, modify, distribute and use the images, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission and without paying attribution. There are some sponsored images that are watermarked to let you know that they need to be paid for. Overall though a fantastic library of free images.

Photopin After typing in search box the search results are subtly divided- photos at the top, above the dotted line are sponsored photos (need to pay for) and the photos below the dotted line are free
1 select image size
2. Click on the thumbnail  Photo on the Left to check License 
3. Grab HTML for Attribution: copy and paste this at the bottom of your blog post similar to collage one/polyvore

Each picture is tagged, some are free or  other are called 'premium' which cost $1 (75p approx.) You pay when you publish. This programme is good for creating graphics for blog post graphics, pintrest, instagram graphics,diagrams, posters etc.

4.Free editing programmes 

Pic monkey see here
This is the one I have the most experience with, It's really easy to use.

ipiccy see here The programme design looks more basic than PicMonkey but it actually has a few more tools such as the erase tool which I like to erase background tool to give pictures a crisp picture.

Befunky See here
This is great for 'freestyle' collages

Below is a list of Free Downloadable Photo Editing Programmes
  • Lightroom 
  • GIMP
  • fotoflexer

5 Free Samples     

If it's awhile until pay day, or your favourite sales assistant at the beauty counter has left or you're saving up for something else in your life, making use of freebie sites can plug that gap and broaden the range of brands to try out. Often in exchange for raising a brands social network profiles (likes on Facebook page etc), competitions or a filling in a form on the brands website that freebie will be yours. I prefer to fill out forms direct on a brands website, then I know what I am getting and that they are the only ones with my details (click no for sharing information to third party websites.) Also I try and use shops I usually shop in and websites and apps I will use or trust (such as boots, Asos etc.)
  • Magic Freebies This is up to the minute and in my experience they're reliable. The homepage has the latest offers which is updated daily. Then there's the free health and beauty and free fashion stuff clothes and accessories categories.
  • Latest Free stuff   Look under free health and beauty, free make up. free perfume. free fashion stuff, free women's samples and top 20 freebies.
  • Freestuff look under fashion freebies, perfume samples, make up free stuff, hair and beauty free stuff and health and fitness free stuff.
  • Money Saving Expert Created by Martin Lewis this website is full of advice and offers. I sign up for the weekly emails as I find the webpage a bit confusing and busy, but don't let that put you off. The offers are updated daily and information about them and people's experiences of obtaining them are shared in a forum. It's also good at giving a heads up on magazine freebies and Boots/Superdrug/Supermarket offers.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

5 Shades Of Berry Lipstick

1. Bright but Sheer Revlon lip butter in Raspberry Pie
You may have this hanging over from the summer but don't banish this to the back of your summer makeup, keep it for the days you want to inject some colour in your life on dull grey days. This is lightweight and really moisturising. It's good for those who hate wearing lipstick or those who want to experiment with bright colours as its basically a tinted lip balm that gives a sheer pop of colour.

2. Dark & Dramatic Stay Put Max Factor in Blackcurrant
this is discontinued shade but still widely available on eBay. it's almost a dupe for MAC's media and Revlon's Black Cherry. This is deep, dark, sexy and very vampy-this makes a bold statement so not for the faint hearted.

3. Budget Makeup revolution Vamp limited collection Rebel with A Cause.
This lipstick is a dupe for MAC's Rebel one of their popular shades. This shade is definitely Vampy, bright but wearable. It smells and taste like vanilla, a smell I can now tolerate (unlike mint flavoured lipstick.) It has a fair bit of slip and for a matte lipstick its not particularly dying and feels pretty comfortable to wear. Longevity is not the best but for a only a pound it's a bargain!

4.  Luxury Nars Pure Matte lipstick in Valparasio
Nars do very pigmented lipsticks, and this is matte lipstick is on trend. This matte lipstick isn't drying and sits fairly comfortably on the lips. It lasts through drinking but not a meal.

5. Wearable Helen E Long lasting lip colour in Raspberry.
This is the perfect raspberry colour, on the lips the colour looks more vampy and berry-like. It's moisturising and comfortable to wear and isn't drying on the lips. On the website the packaging looks basic and dare I say it ugly. In person the packaging looks much more sophisticated and looks as if the lipstick bullet suspended in mid air.

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