Friday, 21 July 2017

12 Tips When Packing For A Holiday

Hey it's summer time! The British summer weather hasn't actually been too bad so far. But if you are jetting off to another part of the globe or having a staycation I hope the following tips will be useful to you!

1. Roll up your clothes instead of folding them. This will keep them crease free as well as saving space in your suitcase.

2. Use packing cubes to organise your luggage. These are fabric boxes that you can use to compartmentalise your luggage and allow you to fit more into your suitcase. Each one can act as a 'drawer' so you can keep underwear in one, shoes in another and a different bag for electrical items. You can separate clean and dirty clothes and wet from dry clothes. Organising your luggage this way makes it much easier to lay your hands on whatever you need without hunting through your entire suitcase. You can find a set of 4 for £5 at Ikea and some patterned ones on Amazon here (£8.99.) A stylish alternative are these designated labelled bags by Kate Spade. There's a 'To Wash' bag for dirty laundry and a 'To wear' bag which could hold a complete outfit or underwear. The bag labelled  'The perfect pair' holds shoes and the 'Bits and Bobs' bag could hold jewellery. (This tip is courtesy of Ellis Tuesday's Blog post here. )

3. Alternatively you can use zip loc bags or sandwich bags to divide up your luggage, this has the advantage of being transparent so you can see what's inside. You can also flatten them to get rid of excess air so they take up less space. You can group them by underwear- socks in one, pants in another, bag all your electric chargers together or use each one to store a baby's or toddler's outfit. I found these at Lakeland:  Lakeland Packmate 4 travel bag set for £9.99 and 24 freezer bags for £4.79. If you don't have any spare bags you can use a hotel shower cap over the heels/soles of shoes so that the rest of your luggage stays clean.

4. Pack your clothes inside out to avoid sunscreen stains.

5. Pack socks or sunscreen inside shoes to save space.

6. To prevent any messy leaks, bag each cosmetic bottle separately or place a square of cling film over the bottle opening but underneath the cap and tighten.

7. If you go away a lot it may be worth having a ready packed wash bag full of toiletries on standby so you can just grab it and chuck into your suitcase. Superdrug and Boots have a miniature toiletries section or you can fill it with samples from magazines and beauty subscription boxes.

8. If you're taking a plane then buying a transparent makeup bag and wash bag that meets security guidelines will make your life easier. BAA standards stipulate transparent bags must be resealable and can measure up to 20cm x 20cm max. This basic bag from Superdrug is cheap at £2.99 and fits the bill, alternatively this Ted Baker bag and this Marks and Spencers 3 bag set will do as well.

9. Put anything breakable such as perfume bottles, souvenirs etc. inside a sock to protect them.

10.  Make sure your bag stands out to make it quicker and easier to spot it on the luggage carousel. Customise it by tying a coloured ribbon, scarf, key ring or tape bright duct tape to the handles or zip ends You can also use duct tape to decorate your case with your initials, name or a create a nice pattern. You can buy bright luggage straps, add travel stickers or patches to sew or pin on to soft luggage. Another option would be buying a distinctive luggage tag in neon or in an animal shape. Or you can go wild with fabric paint or spray paint stencil designs on to hard shell luggage.

11. Alternatively invest in some pretty luggage. Make sure it's colourful or distinctively patterned. Look for one with four wheels if possible as they are much easier to move and travel with. TK Maxx and Debenhams have affordable brightly coloured and patterned luggage. Or you can treat yourself to branded luggage from Amara here. I love the Ted Baker ones. You can also choose a photo to personalise your case with the Personalised luggage website here.

12. Invest in lightweight luggage to get the most from baggage weight restrictions. 
Don't forget that the actual suitcase weight will contribute to how much you can take with you weight wise. Check the restrictions for each airline here. Tesco, Bags Etc and Matalan sell IT Luggage Worlds's Lightest Suitcases which are made with a fibre glass frame. They are available in small (37L capacity), medium (63L) and large (92L) with two and four wheels, ranging from £30-45.  Antler also stock some lightweight suitcase ranges.

Straw hat and pink suitcase photo credit: Kirsty Andrews #018/365 via photopin (license) Changes Made

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