Sunday, 30 July 2017

Rodial Glamolash XLL Mascara Review

Rodial Glamolash XXL Black Mascara was free with the August issue of Red Magazine! Rodial claim that this mascara is an intense black, long wearing formula that makes sure eyelashes are 'maximised from day to night' and gives them 'supercharged volume.' This mascara contains carnauba wax to bind the mascara to the lashes and prevent clumping. The beeswax helps to condition the lashes while soluble collagen makes them look shiny and thick. Due to the the beeswax this mascara isn't vegan.

Rodial Glamolash XXL mascara comes in a matte black thick tube which is different but a bit clunky, it doesn't exactly scream luxury to me as a £24 mascara should.

The  mascara has a natural cone shaped bristle brush. It definitely makes your eye lashes look longer and as you can see from the photos it makes eyelashes look thicker too. It gives volume although it does have a tendency to clump lashes together despite the carnauba wax. You may need to get rid of excess mascara on the brush or use a lash comb afterwards.  It's quite a wet formula and it's long wearing and doesn't flake. Although by the second coat it begins to look a bit spidery. The best way is to add another coat while it's still wet. One coat is good for a natural, daytime look and two coats is more dramatic for the evening.  It can hold a curl but it's not as good as Bourjois Glam mascara (my Holy Grail.) I can wear Rodial's Glamolash XXL mascara with my contacts without any problems. It does have a slight chemical scent which doesn't affect me and won't interfere when applying, it's just that mascaras don't usually smell of anything but I noticed this does. This mascara is also fairly easy to remove.

This mascara is great for giving longer looking and thicker eyelashes! However I do wish that the brush was better at separating the lashes so that they didn't clump together. My other reservation is the price. It is more expensive than mascaras from a lot of high end brands such as MAC, Too Faced, Laura Mercier and Benefit to name a few. (I know price is relative as I've just spotted Chantecaille mascara for £62!) However I can't see myself buying this in the future simply because I know that there are cheaper drugstore brands that give the same results for less money. But if you have the money and want to splash the cash then go for it!

Let me know which are your favourite mascaras.

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