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Bourjois Le Smoky Palette & Rouge Edition Lipstick Review

If you like shimmer and glitter this Bourjois palette will be right up your alley. I love, love the design of this Boujois Le Smoky palette, it has eight shades, a cool swivel mirror and is small enough to hold in the palm of your hand.

Eye Shadows (from left to right)
White Pearl shade- Lasts the longest on my lids.
Silver Pearl shade- Lasts the longest on my lids.
Dark Grey with silver glitter shade- silver glitter is quite subtle.
Dark Blue Grey Matte shade
Dark blue/Indigo with blue glitter shade
Dark Purple with lilac and gold glitter shade
Black with Gold glitter shade- Has the most glitter & the glitter will always show up
Black Matte shade.

In my swatches they tend to all look grey-black, some with glitter and some without. But when I used a wet flat brush they look like jewels on my eye lids. The white and silver shades weren't as easy to swatch but applying them to the eye was just as easy as using the other shades.


  • The colours can easily create a smoky eye.
  • You can definitely see the glitter on the eyelid when using a (wet) flat eye shadow brush but unfortunately they don't swatch as well in photos.
  • One of the claims this product makes is being long wearing for up to 12 hours. The satin eye shadows are definitely long wearing and hold up 9 hours easily without primer. By 12 hours it's still on but because of my oily eye lids doesn't it look perfect and needs retouching. If you don't have oily eyelids this will probably last 12 hours even without primer. 
  • The palette contains different finishes- four glitter shades, two pearl/shimmer shades and two matte shades.
  • The eye shadows are soft.
  • The palette is compact and comes with a mirror. I love the swivel design and picture of the girl on the top.
  • Price is reasonable.

  • The shadows look too similar- the dark blue glitter is almost indigo and looks very similar to the purple glitter. There's also not much colour difference between the dark grey and glitter grey.
  • The glitter shades don't wear as well as the satin colours. They fade into a dark grey shadow but the glitter still remains on the lid. I would recommend using a primer to keep the original colour and tomake sure the glitter stays on your lids to limit any fall out /glitter migration while wearing them.
  • There are no mid range colours between light silver and dark grey/blue such as a light grey, a pink or a light gold.
  • The shadows are blendable but can be blended too much and end up looking like it's all one colour, especially as some of the shades are similar anyway.
  • Sometimes you get some fall out from the glitter eye shadows. 

I find that good glitter eye shadows are hard to find and they tend to be more expensive. I'm not talking pigments but pressed glitter shadows that actually show up even after you've used the top layer of the shadow. This does have a narrow shade range compared to palettes like Urban Decay's Smoked or Urban Decay Naked Smoky which can limit the types of look you can do (there are no bright greens, burgundies, brown, pinks or light gold shades.) However this palette has 8 shades not 10 or 12 so there will be some colours left out and the Bourjois palette has a much cheaper price point (£11.99). The shadows do work well together but I do wish they had more variety. On the whole this is a neat little palette you can pop into your handbag and would be useful for festivals or parties or anyone who loves glitters and smoky eyes.

Available at  Feel Unique £11.99  and Superdrug £11.99

Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick In Rouge Jet Set (13)

Bourjois Rogue Edition lipstick in Rouge Jet Set 13 is a warm red. Initially I thought it would be too warm for me but it actually looks pretty good on. The finish is satin/glossy. Bourjois has added orchid blossom extract to these lipsticks to ensure that your lips feel hydrated and smooth for up to 10 hours. This lipstick is very moisturising with lots of slip and it feels comfortable to wear.

The shade indicator at the top is pretty accurate match to the shade inside. The lipstick case is oblong shaped to match the rest of their lip products (apart from the lip crayons.) I love the fact that Bourjois have their name imprinted on the bullet as it makes it feel more luxurious. The lipstick smells slightly perfumed, perhaps orchid scented? The smell is really subtle. It also tastes slightly scented and sweet but again it's very subtle.

It will transfer onto cups and glasses. However for such an emollient lipstick it stays put during snacking which surprised me. You do need to reapply if you're eating a full meal though. I can't go 10 hours without eating a proper meal so I can't really test the 10 hours hydrating claim but my lips always feel hydrated and comfortable when I wear this and afterwards my lips feels smooth. If you want to give liquid matte lips a break then this is the perfect lipstick to reach for.

Superdrug £7.99 

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